Method for producing saturated and unsaturated alpha, omega-dicarboxylic acid with microbial transformation of oil and fat

A technology for microbial transformation and dicarboxylic acid, applied in the direction of microorganism-based methods, biochemical equipment and methods, microorganisms, etc., can solve expensive and other problems

Inactive Publication Date: 2008-09-24
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In the past, four kinds of precious animal fragrances (musk, dragon birth incense, civet incense, castoreum) can only be obtained f...
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The invention discloses a method of utilizing microbial transformation grease to produce saturated and unsaturated Alpha- or Omega- dicarboxylic acid, in particular to a method of producing 9-Octadecadienoic acid (Delta<9>DC18). The microorganism to be used is ou-3 mutant strain and belongs to Candida tropicalis. The invention is characterized in that after the microorganism strain is inoculated into the culture medium of containing a substrate of oleic alcohol, oleic acid and methyl oleate, cell growth of the system is mainly controlled and grease is also transformed to produce binary acid at the first stage; the reaction system is mainly controlled on acid production and also on growth of some cell at the second stage; the system is only controlled on acid production and without the cell growth. The method is used to transform the oleic alcohol to produce 9-Octadecadienoic acid (Delta<9>DC18), the output of Delta <9>DC18 reaches 110.5 grams per Liter in 16 liter fermentation tank for about transformation of 144 hours.

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[0019] Example 1.
[0020] (1) Take an inoculated loop of ou-3 strain, spread it on the solid slant of wort in a Φ15×180 large test tube, and cultivate at 30°C for two days.
[0021] (2) Take one of the above strains, insert it into a 250 mL conical flask containing 30 mL of wort seed medium, and cultivate at 30° C. for 46 hours on a rotary shaker at 220 rpm.
[0022] (3) In a 500 mL conical flask containing 15 mL of fermentation medium, insert 3.5 mL of the above-mentioned seed solution, and ferment for 4 days on a rotary shaker at 220 rpm, and adjust the pH to 7.5-8.0 with NaOH every 24 hours. Fermentation medium contains KH 2 PO 4 8g/L, KNO 3 4g/L, Tween 603g/L, yeast extract 2g/L, corn steep liquor 2.5g/L, NaCl 1g/L, urea 1.8g/L, sucrose 20g/L, acrylic acid 1g/L, oleyl alcohol 150mL/L, Prepared with tap water, pH 7.1, and sterilized at 110°C for 30 minutes. After fermentation, the pH was adjusted to 3 with 6 mol HCl. Extract with organic solvent, first remove residual raw material oil, then extract dibasic acid with ether, remove ether to obtain white crystals, titrate with standard NaOH solution, and calculate the content of dibasic acid. result Δ 9 DC 18 The yield was 55.1 g/L.

Example Embodiment

[0023] Example 2.
[0024] According to the method of Example 1, only the raw material is lauric acid, the result is DC 12 The yield was 46.5 g/L.

Example Embodiment

[0025] Example 3.
[0026] According to the method of Example 1, except that the raw material is palmitoleic acid, the result is 9-ene-hexadecanedicarboxylic acid (Δ 9 DC 16 ) yield was 43g/L.


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