Sweetened tea beverage

A technology of tea beverage and beverage, applied in the direction of tea, tea extraction, function of food ingredients, etc.

Inactive Publication Date: 2010-03-10
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Beverage products including at least a tea component, a natural nutritive sweetener present in an amount of at least 8% by weight and Lo Han Guo are provided. Beverage concentrates including at leasta tea component, a natural nutritive sweetener present in an amount of at least 48% by weight and Lo Han Guo are also provided.

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Tea extractionFood ingredient functions +1

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Nutritive SweetenersFood science


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Example Embodiment

[0081] Example 1
[0082] Sugar sweetened tea with Luo Han Guo
[0083] [069] Food technologists are well aware that simply substituting sugar for high fructose cereal syrup results in subtle but noticeable taste differences. Surprisingly, it was found that the combination of a small amount of Luo Han Guo and sugar can make tea sweetened with sugar taste similar to tea sweetened with high fructose cereal syrup. The beverage products disclosed herein are based in part on the discovery of a new combination of sweeteners that can be used to sweeten tea beverages that are usually sweetened with high fructose cereal syrup, thereby substantially retaining or nearly replicating the taste of the beverage, including mouthfeel .
[0084] [070] A small amount of Luo Han Guo was combined with sucrose to replace high fructose cereal syrup in sweetened tea beverages (Table 1). The beverage products disclosed herein contain 8 Brix greater than about sugar.
[0085] [071] Table 1
[0086] Ingredients
[0087] [072] The tea beverage sweetened with Luo Han Guo and sucrose was rated as having substantially the same taste as the control tea formula containing high fructose cereal syrup.


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