Reed braking type wheelchair

A wheelchair and circlip technology, which is applied to the patient's chair or special transportation tool, vehicle rescue, medical transportation and other directions, can solve the problem of being too simple and not very reliable, and achieves good braking effect, convenient operation and simple structure. Effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2011-08-17
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Existing wheelchair brakes are not ver...
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The invention provides a reed braking type wheelchair which comprises a wheelchair body, a front leg and a rear leg, wherein the front leg and the rear leg are arranged on the body; a front wheel is arranged at the lower end of the front leg; an auxiliary leg is arranged at the lower part of the rear leg; a rear wheel is arranged at the lower end of the auxiliary leg; the rear leg is a hollow tube with a fixed hole at the upper end; a support leg is arranged in the hollow tube; the fixed hole is I-shaped; and the support leg is reverse L-shaped. The invention has the advantages of simple structure, simpleness of operation and good braking effect.

Application Domain

Wheelchairs/patient conveyance

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  • Reed braking type wheelchair
  • Reed braking type wheelchair
  • Reed braking type wheelchair


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Example Embodiment

[0018] Such as figure 1 , figure 2 , image 3 As shown, the present invention includes a wheelchair body 1, and a front leg 2 and a rear leg 3 arranged on the body. The lower end of the front leg 2 is provided with a front wheel 5, and the lower part of the rear leg 3 is provided with an auxiliary leg 4, so The bottom ends of the front leg 2, the back 3 and the auxiliary leg 4 are on the same horizontal plane, the lower end of the auxiliary leg 4 is provided with a rear wheel 6, and the rear leg 3 is a hollow tube with an I-shaped fixing hole 7 at the upper end The hollow tube is provided with an inverted L-shaped support leg 8, the length of the middle vertical hole of the I-shaped fixing hole 7 is greater than the length from the rear leg 3 to the bottom of the rear wheel 6, and the support leg The length of 8 is the length from the top horizontal hole of the I-shaped fixing hole 7 to the bottom end of the rear leg 3. When the wheelchair is walking, the horizontal end of the supporting leg 8 is placed on the top horizontal hole of the fixing hole 7 At one end, when the wheelchair needs to be stopped and braked, the horizontal end of the supporting leg 8 is placed at one end of the horizontal hole at the bottom of the fixing hole 7.
[0019] An embodiment of the present invention has been described in detail above, but the content is only a preferred embodiment of the present invention, and cannot be considered as limiting the scope of implementation of the present invention. All equal changes and improvements made in accordance with the scope of the application of the present invention should still fall within the scope of the patent of the present invention.


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