Handle for buses

A bus and handle technology, which is applied to vehicle parts, special positions of vehicles, transportation and packaging, etc., can solve the problems of difficult to grasp the handle, small thickness, and danger during the bus driving process, so as to increase the number of handles and facilitate grasping. The effect of holding the handle

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[0002] The bus is a means of transportation that people often take every day. Sometimes the bus is very crowded, and some people have no seats. The bus needs to hold the handle to stand firmly during driving, but now the handle on the bus is generally at a higher position. It is ver...
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The invention relates to a handle for buses, comprising a handle, a pull belt and a clamping plate, wherein the handle and the clamping plate are connected through the pull belt; the cross section of the clamping plate is shaped like a U; the clamping plate comprises a horizontal plate and vertical plates arranged at left and right sides of the horizontal plate; inner sides of the two vertical plates are respectively provided with inverted teeth; and the tooth top direction of the inverted teeth is opposite to the U-shaped opening direction of the clamping plate. The handle can be conveniently fixed on a seat of the bus; the quantity of the handles on the bus is increased; and shorter people can conveniently grip the handles at the same time.

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Vehicle arrangements

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Industrial engineering


  • Handle for buses
  • Handle for buses


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Example Embodiment

[0010] Such as figure 1 As shown, a special handle for a bus includes a handle 1 and a pull strap 2, and also includes a clamping board 3. The handle 1 and the clamping board 3 are connected by the pull strap 2, and the horizontal of the clamping board 3 The cross-section is U-shaped, including a horizontal plate 31 and vertical plates 32 provided on the left and right sides of the horizontal plate 31. The inner sides of the two vertical plates 32 are respectively provided with inverted teeth 4, and the tooth tip direction of the inverted teeth 4 is the same as that of the clamping plate 3. The U-shaped opening direction is opposite.
[0011] Such as figure 2 As shown, when it is to be installed on the bus seat 5, the side of the bus seat 5 is clamped into the clamping plate 3, and then the clamping plate 3 is pushed to the inner side of the bus seat 5. It suffices that the inverted tooth 4 is stuck on the groove on the edge of the bus seat 5.


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