Method and device for removing glue from anilox roller of coating machine

A technology of anilox roller and coating machine, which is applied to the device and coating of surface coating liquid, which can solve the problems affecting product quality and wire drawing, and achieve the effect of simple processing, low cost and simple process

Active Publication Date: 2014-04-02
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Problems solved by technology

[0003] The purpose of the present invention is to solve the defect that the anilox roller of the prior art coating machine will produce stringing phenomenon and affect the quality of the product, and provide...
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The invention particularly relates to a method and a device for removing glue from an anilox roller of a coating machine. According to the method, cold air is blown in a position where the anilox roller is separated from a film to quickly dry a generated drawn wire, the dried drawn wire is broken and falls into a glue water tank below the anilox roller along with the rotation of the anilox roller, and the broken drawn wire is molten by heat in the glue water tank and continues to be used. The device comprises a coating machine body provided with the anilox roller, and is characterized in that an air outlet pipe is arranged on the outer side of the anilox roller, a row of air outlets over against the anilox roller are formed in an air blowing pipe, and the air outlet pipe is connected with an air pump. The method has the characteristics of simple process, low cost and convenience in use; the air outlet pipe can adopt a waste PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe in a workshop, and is low in cost, easy to process and convenient to use; no high-price and easy-loss scraper is needed after the device is used, so that the cost is greatly reduced.

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Liquid surface applicatorsCoatings

Technology Topic

Cold airWater tanks +2


  • Method and device for removing glue from anilox roller of coating machine
  • Method and device for removing glue from anilox roller of coating machine
  • Method and device for removing glue from anilox roller of coating machine


  • Experimental program(2)

Example Embodiment

[0014] Example 1
[0015] Such as figure 1 , figure 2 Shown: the machine body 1 of the coating machine is provided with an anilox roller 2 and a glue tank 5, an anilox roller 2 is provided with a parallel air outlet pipe 3, and the air outlet pipe 3 is provided with a row of multiple air outlets. Namely round hole 6.
[0016] When the present invention is used, the air pump 4 pressurizes, and the air outlet pipe 3 blows cold air at the separation place of the anilox roller 2 and the film, so that the produced wire is quickly dried. As the anilox roller 2 rotates, the air-dried wire breaks and falls into the web. In the glue tank 5 below the grain roller 2, the glue tank 5 will continue to use when it is heated and melted.

Example Embodiment

[0017] Example 2
[0018] Such as figure 1 , image 3 As shown: the air outlet pipe 3 is provided with an air outlet, that is, a long hole 7, and the others are the same as in the first embodiment.
[0019] The present invention is not limited to the above embodiments, and other forms can be used for the air outlet, as long as the air can be evenly sent to the anilox roller.


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