Water filter kettle with replaceable filter element

A technology for replacing filter elements and water filter pots, applied in ion exchange water/sewage treatment, sterilization/microdynamic water/sewage treatment, applications, etc., can solve the problems of inconvenient replacement of filter elements, complicated installation, and inconvenient portability, and achieve structural Streamlined, low cost, extended dwell time effect

Active Publication Date: 2014-06-25
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However, there are some disadvantages such as large volume, heavy weight, complicated installation, inconven...
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The invention relates to a water filter kettle with a replaceable filter element. The water filter kettle comprises a container kettle body with an upward opening, wherein a handle is installed at one side of the container kettle body; and the other side is provided with a kettle nozzle, a kettle cover installed just above the kettle body and closely combined with the kettle body, a funnel arranged in the kettle body, the filter element capable of being replaced at any time, and a timer installed on the kettle cover and used for displaying the service life of the filter element. Compared with the prior art, the water filter kettle disclosed by the invention has the advantages of being simple in structure, low in cost, convenient and fast to use, strong in purification performance, thorough in purification, humanized, beautiful and fashionable in appearance, and the like.

Application Domain

Travelling sacksWater/sewage treatment by ion-exchange +2

Technology Topic

TimerFilter element +4


  • Water filter kettle with replaceable filter element
  • Water filter kettle with replaceable filter element


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Example Embodiment

[0030] Example
[0031] A drinking water filter kettle with replaceable filter element, its structure is as figure 1 As shown, the filter kettle is mainly composed of a kettle body 1, a kettle lid 2, a funnel, a filter element 3 and a timer.
[0032] The kettle body 1 is a container with an upward opening. It has a handle 11 on one side and a spout 12 on the other. The handle 11 and the bottom of the kettle body can also be equipped with non-slip materials, and a movable gravity is provided on the spout 12 Spout cover 13. The pot cover 2 is installed directly above the pot body 1 and tightly integrated with the pot body 1, and a gravity-balanced water inlet cover is arranged in the center of the pot body 1. The funnel is set in the kettle body 1. The interior of the kettle body 1 is divided into two parts that are not connected up and down, but the spout 12 and the lower half are not separated. The upper end of the funnel is tightly combined with the opening of the kettle body 1, and the lower end has The filter element groove and water outlet hole for installing the filter element. The filter element 3 can be replaced at any time. It is installed at the bottom of the funnel and is tightly integrated with the filter element groove of the funnel. The top of the filter element has a pull ring for drawing, and the bottom has a groove closely integrated with the water outlet of the funnel. The specific structure of the filter element is as follows figure 2 As shown, it mainly includes a housing 31, an upper cover 32 and a filter material. The upper cover 32 is located directly above the shell 31 and is tightly combined with the shell 31 to form a sealed container. The upper cover 32 is provided with a pull ring 33 for pulling out the filter element when replacing the filter element. The side of the pull ring 33 is provided with anti-slip protrusions 34 to prevent slipping off by pinching. In addition, the upper cover 32 is also provided with a water inlet 35 , The upper cover 31 has a filter screen for filtering larger particles. The filter element 3 is filled with a filter material, which is a mixture of ion exchange resin, activated carbon particles and purification ceramic particles in a weight ratio of 1:1:0.5. Among them, the ion exchange resin used is a macroporous strong acid styrene ion exchange resin, the activated carbon is a silver-loaded coconut shell activated carbon, and the purification ceramic particles are porous purification ceramics with a porous structure.
[0033] A water outlet hole is opened in the center of the filter element groove below the funnel. The outlet hole is arranged on a protrusion that can be combined with the bottom of the filter element. The height of the water outlet hole is higher than the bottom of the funnel and the filter element, so that the water pressure of the water outlet is lower than the water pressure at the bottom of the filter element.
[0034] The timer is equipped with a switch and two metal probes. The probe can reach the bottom of the funnel. When the level in the funnel is higher than the top of the probe, a loop is formed, and the timer is turned on. When the level is lower than the top of the probe, a circuit is formed and the timer is closed. The accumulated time will be recorded and calculated to obtain the remaining service life of the filter element and displayed on the LCD screen in the form of numbers and patterns.
[0035] First, mold all parts to be manufactured. Fill the filter element 3 with the filter material and encapsulate, install the funnel on the top of the pot, install the filter element 3 on the bottom of the funnel, install the timer on the lid, install the gravity balance inlet and outlet lids on the lid Finally, close the lid of the pot on the top of the pot body tightly and pour the water directly from the water inlet, filter and purify it through the filter element, and store it in the lower part of the pot body. The lower half of the water can be poured directly out for drinking.


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