Digesting meaty rice-flour cake and method for preparing same

A technology for Xiaoshi cake and rice noodles, which is applied in the directions of food preparation, food science, food ingredients, etc., can solve the problems of single health care function, single process, single taste, etc., and achieve the effects of rich nutrition, simple process and high efficacy.

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-03-04
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However, the existing cake has the defects of single raw material, single process, single taste, and single ...
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The invention discloses a digesting meaty rice-flour cake. The digesting meaty rice-flour cake is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 100-120 parts of glutinous rice flour, 10-12 parts of rice flour, 5-6 parts of a nutritional additive, 14-15 parts of pumpkin seeds, 6-8 parts of pineapple pulp, 4-5 parts of vinegar residue powder, 7-8 parts of bacon, 8-9 parts of aging kelp powder, 6-7 parts of chives, 2-3 parts of peppermint candy, 1-2 parts of oyster shell powder, 4-5 parts of lotus leaves, 11-12 parts of steamed buns, 1-2 parts of peanut oil, 3-4 parts of dried black soybean curd, 14-15 parts of fresh beef, 2-2.6 parts of cedrela flower, 2-2.2 parts of butterflybush flower, 1-2 parts of tuberose, 1.2-2 parts of fleshfingered citron flowers, 2-2.5 parts of morus australis leaves and 2-2.3 parts of flos caryophylli. The process of preparing the digesting meaty rice-flour cake is simple, and the cost is low. The added food and medicine materials like the flos caryophylli, the tuberose and the fleshfingered citron flowers have good effects and mild property and flavor. The digesting meaty rice-flour cake disclosed by the invention is rich in nutrients, is beneficial to enhancing the immunity and has the efficacies of reinforcing the kidney to strengthen yang, clearing the liver to improve eyesight and invigorating the stomach to promote digestion, thereby being the best health-care food suitable for people of all ages to eat.

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Example Embodiment

[0021] Example 1:
[0022] A meat-flavored rice flour Xiaoshi cake, made of the following raw materials in parts by weight (jin):
[0023] Glutinous rice flour 120, rice flour 12, nutritional additives 6, pumpkin seeds 15, pineapple pulp 8, vinegar grain powder 5, bacon 8, cooked kelp powder 9, leek 7, mint 3, oyster shell powder 2, lotus leaf 5, steamed bun 12 , peanut oil 2, black bean skin 4, fresh beef 15, toon tree flower 2.6, Mimeng flower 2.2, tuberose 2, bergamot flower 2, chicken mulberry leaf 2.5, male clove 2.3;
[0024] The nutritional additive is made from the following raw materials in parts by weight:
[0025] American ginseng 3.2, dried pinto bean 3.1, milk vegetable root 2.9, rush 2.4, fresh rose petal 13, hawthorn 4, kumquat 4, champagne 3, steamed bun 4, turtle blood 8;
[0026] The preparation method is as follows: (1) American ginseng, dried pinto bean, milk vegetable root, and rushes are washed, dried, and ground to obtain powder, soaked in 6 times of water, concentrated, filtered to obtain the extract, and spray-dried to obtain traditional Chinese medicine powder;
[0027] (2) Kumquats and hawthorns are mixed with water with a mixer to make a slurry. The turtle blood is wrapped with gauze, placed in the kumquat and hawthorn slurry, soaked for 2 hours, then poured into champagne, mixed and sealed until natural cooling, take out the gauze Inner soft-shelled turtle blood;
[0028] (3) Mince fresh rose petals, mix with Chinese medicine powder and a small amount of water to make a slurry, cut the steamed buns into cubes and sprinkle them with water, wrap the steamed buns with the petal mud to form a ball, bake in the oven for 5 minutes, take out the steamed buns, and mix with Turtle blood flourishing mix and mince.
[0029] A preparation method of meat-flavored rice flour Xiaoshi cake, comprising the following steps:
[0030] (1) Concentrate Chinese herbal medicine juice by leaching Chinese toon tree flower, Budisma japonica, tuberose, bergamot flower, chicken mulberry leaf, and male clove with 9 times the amount of water;
[0031] (2) Mix the vinegar grains powder and bacon into the pot and steam for 20 minutes, take out the bacon and cut into cubes, and set aside; put the peanut oil in the pot and heat it to 70% heat, pour in the black bean skin and oyster shell powder, stir fry for 2 minutes, Take it out of the pot and let it cool down;
[0032] (3) Mix the pumpkin seeds and pineapple pulp into a blender to make a puree, get the sauce, slice the steamed buns and spread the sauce, bake in the oven for 5 minutes, take out and chop, and set aside; chop the leeks and set aside;
[0033] (4) Dissolve mint sugar in water, mix in rice flour, heat on low heat to get mint rice paste, place fresh beef slices in the paste, boil for 10 minutes, take out and wrap in lotus leaves, bake in the oven for 25 minutes, take out and cut Ding, for use;
[0034] (5) Put glutinous rice flour, nutritional additives and the materials obtained in steps (2), (3) and (4), pour an appropriate amount of water and mix the remaining materials evenly, make a cake with traditional techniques, and then fumigate with Chinese medicine juice and water After 30 minutes, take it out and serve.


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