UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)-based identity label generation system and UEFI-based identity label generation method

A technology for generating systems and identity marks, applied in the field of computer security, to achieve the effect of not being easy to tamper with and delete

Active Publication Date: 2015-04-29
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[0005] The purpose of the present invention is to overcome the defects of the prior art, in order to solve the problem of generating the identity of...
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The invention discloses a UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)-based equipment identity label generation system and a UEFI-based equipment identity label generation method, and belongs to the technical field of computer security. The system comprises an equipment information collection module, a local identity authentication interface and a label generation module, wherein the equipment information collection module is used for collecting the hardware information of equipment; the local identity authentication interface is used for accessing external identity authentication equipment; the label generation module can be combined with local equipment information and external equipment information to generate an unique equipment identification code. Corresponding labels can be generated in a firmware layer without installing specific software under the conditions of changing a hard disk, repartitioning, and reinstalling an operating system.

Application Domain

Digital data authentication

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Unique device identifierUnified Extensible Firmware Interface +4


  • UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)-based identity label generation system and UEFI-based identity label generation method
  • UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)-based identity label generation system and UEFI-based identity label generation method


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Example Embodiment

[0023] The present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings and embodiments.
[0024] as attached figure 1 As shown, the present invention provides a UEFI-based identity identification generation system, the system includes a device information collection module, a local identity verification interface and an identification generation module; wherein, the device information collection module is used to collect the hardware information of the device , the local authentication interface is used to access external authentication devices, such as U-key, IC card, etc.; the identification generation module can combine local device information and external device information to generate a unique device identification code.
[0025] Before the present invention is applied, it needs to be deployed on the computer terminal first, and the methods that can be selected include:
[0026] a) Add the driver module to the UEFI core image.
[0027] b) Mount the Option ROM module in the UEFI core image.
[0028] c) Mount the driver module in other peripheral devices such as the trusted card.
[0029] as attached figure 2 As shown, the main steps of the specific implementation method of the UEFI-based software whole process protection method of the present invention are as follows:
[0030] Step 1. Insert the USB KEY into the computer, which contains the identification information. The computer is powered on and enters the boot-up process.
[0031] Step 2: Load a corresponding hardware driver, such as a hard disk drive, in the firmware layer.
[0032] Step 3: Collect specific hardware information (such as motherboard number, CPU number, etc.).
[0033] Step 4. The external identification device USB KEY is detected.
[0034] Step 5. Load the driver of the identification device USB KEY.
[0035] Step 6: Extract the identification information of the external device.
[0036] Step 7. An interface for inputting preset information pops up.
[0037] Step 8: The user can input a specific character string that communicates with the preset information.
[0038] Step 9: Encrypt the collected hardware information and identity authentication information to generate a unique device identifier.
[0039] Step 10. Continue to boot and guide, and this process ends.
[0040] To sum up, the above are only preferred embodiments of the present invention, and are not intended to limit the protection scope of the present invention. Any modification, equivalent replacement, improvement, etc. made within the spirit and principle of the present invention shall be included within the protection scope of the present invention.


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