Energy-saving freezer lid

A freezer and transparent technology, applied in lighting and heating equipment, household appliances, household refrigeration equipment, etc., can solve the problems of accelerated frosting on the surface of the evaporator, thickening of the frosting layer, and accelerated wear and tear

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-06-10
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] In the existing freezer, after the upper cover is opened, the front, left, and right sides are all connected to the air, so if the door is opened too frequently, the cold air in the box will escape, and the warm and humid air outside the box will take the opportunity to enter, which will make the box internal temperature rise
At the same time, the humid air entering the box tends...
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The invention discloses an energy-saving freezer lid which consists of a freezer lid (1), a handle (2), transparent thermal-insulation soft curtains (3) and transparent thermal-insulation soft curtain jacks (4). The energy-saving freezer lid has the benefits that when the freezer lid is opened, the front surface is connected with the air and both the left surface and the right surface are separated from the external air by the transparent thermal-insulation soft curtains, so that the cold-hot air exchange can be decreased without influencing the using effect, the electric energy loss is decreased and the aim of saving energy is achieved.

Application Domain

Domestic cooling apparatusLighting and heating apparatus

Technology Topic

Thermal insulationElectric energy +2


  • Energy-saving freezer lid
  • Energy-saving freezer lid


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Example Embodiment

[0008] Such as figure 1 , 2 As shown, there is an elliptical row of grooved handles on the front of the freezer lid, and the groove depth is 5 mm. The inner surface of the freezer cover has PVC transparent thermal insulation soft curtains on the left and right sides 10 mm from the cover edge. The transparent thermal insulation soft curtain is a triangular piece of material. There are soft curtain holes in the cabinet walls on the left and right sides of the freezer. The width is 5 mm, the length is the same as the net width of the freezer, and the depth is half of the net depth of the freezer. When the freezer cover is opened, only the front is connected to the air. There are transparent soft insulation curtains on the left and right sides to separate the inside of the freezer from the outside air. When the freezer cover is closed, the transparent thermal insulation curtain is inserted into the soft curtain socket.


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