Pesticide composition containing pyridine quinazoline and moroxydine hydrochloride

A technology of morpholine guanidine hydrochloride and pyridinequinazoline, which is applied in the directions of animal repellents, plant growth regulators, botanical equipment and methods, etc., can solve the problem that the control effect is not ideal and cannot fundamentally control crop virus diseases , single and other problems, to achieve the effect of delaying virus resistance, improving control effect, and reducing use cost

Active Publication Date: 2015-08-05
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Problems solved by technology

Since the epidemic of viral diseases is mainly caused by insects carrying viruses such as aphids, leafhoppers, planthoppers, whiteflies and other vector insects, the singl...
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Method used

In summary, the present invention adopts the compound pesticide composition of the prevention and treatment plant virus disease of pyridine quinazoline and morpholine guanidine hydrochloride two kinds of active ingredients, has significant synergistic effect, both can prevent and treat vi...
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The invention discloses pesticide composition containing pyridine quinazoline and moroxydine hydrochloride. The pesticide composition comprises the pyridine quinazoline serving as the first effective component, the moroxydine hydrochloride serving as the second effective component and common auxiliary components, wherein the weight ratio of the pyridine quinazoline to the moroxydine hydrochloride is 1:1-1:20. Numerous tests show that the pesticide composition has evident synergistic interaction effect, and plant virus disease control effect is increased evidently by controlling vector insets spreading plant virus diseases and by the therapeutic effect of the virus diseases.

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BiocideDisinfectants +3

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Unexpected therapeutic effectControl vector +8


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Example Embodiment

[0020] Example 1: 15% pyridinequinazoline·morpholinoguanidine hydrochloride ultra-low volume liquid
[0021] Pyridylquinazoline 5%, Morpholine guanidine hydrochloride 10%, Tetramethylbenzene 5%, N-methylpyrrolidone 10%, Castor oil polyoxyethylene ether 5%, Sodium lauryl sulfate 5%, Rapid osmosis T 2% , Methyl oleate makes up to 100%. After the above-mentioned active ingredients are stirred and dissolved in a solvent, an emulsifier, a wetting agent and a penetrating agent are added, and the mixture is fully stirred and mixed uniformly to obtain a 15% pyridinequinazoline·morpholinoguanidine hydrochloride ultra-low volume liquid.

Example Embodiment

[0022] Example 2: 16% pyridinequinazoline·morpholinoguanidine hydrochloride suspension
[0023] Pyridylquinazoline 1%, Morpholine guanidine hydrochloride 15%, Dioctyl sulfosuccinate sodium salt 10%, Acrylic acid homopolymer sodium salt 5%, Glycerol 3%, Methylcellulose 1%, Silicone oil 0.1 %, deionized water makes up 100%. Disperse the above effective ingredients, wetting agents, dispersants, antifreeze agents, thickeners and defoamers through high-speed shear dispersion and sand grinding in a sand mill to form a highly dispersed and stable suspension system in an aqueous medium. A 16% pyridinequinazoline·morpholinoguanidine hydrochloride suspension was prepared.

Example Embodiment

[0024] Example 3: 32% pyridinequinazoline·morpholinoguanidine hydrochloride water emulsion
[0025] Pyridinequinazoline 2%, Morpholine guanidine hydrochloride 30%, methyl naphthalene 10%, cyclohexanone 5%, hydroxyl-terminated polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene ether 10%, polycarboxylate 5%, sodium citrate 1% , Glycerol 1%, deionized water makes up 100%. Mix the above active ingredients, solvents, emulsifiers, dispersants and stabilizers to form an oil phase. The antifreeze is dissolved in water to form a water phase. Under the action of a shearing machine, slowly add the oil phase to the water phase and continue to shear approximately In 30 minutes, a 32% pyridinequinazoline·morpholinoguanidine hydrochloride water emulsion was prepared.


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