Drum type screening device

A screening device, a drum-type technology, applied in the direction of filter screen, solid separation, grille, etc., can solve the problems of not meeting the process requirements, unable to separate large leaves, affecting the quality of cigarette products, etc., to improve product quality and meet process requirements. normative effect

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[0002] In the threshing line of the existing threshing and redrying factory in the tobacco industry, about 20% of the leaves after threshing are large leaves, which do not meet the process requirem...
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The invention relates to the field of tobacco production and discloses a drum type screening device. The drum type screening device comprises a support girder, a plurality of supporting wheel sets are arranged on the support girder and respectively comprise a front supporting wheel and a rear supporting wheel, the front supporting wheels and the rear supporting wheels are symmetrically arranged, and a driving device driving the two supporting wheels of one supporting wheel set to rotate is connected to the support girder; a first grid drum body used for filtering large tobacco leaves is supported on the supporting wheel sets, one end of the first grid drum body is a feed end, the other end of the first grid drum body is a discharge end, the first grid drum body is arranged downwards in an inclined mode in the discharge direction, a protective cover connected to the support girder is connected outside the first grid drum body, and a discharge hopper connected to the support girder is arranged below the first grid drum body. According to the device, the leaves larger than the specific size in threshed leaves are screened out through screen holes of the first grid drum body, the large leaves which are screened out can undergo secondary treatment, and therefore the requirement of the cigarette process specification can be met, and the quality of final products of cigarettes can be improved.

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  • Drum type screening device
  • Drum type screening device
  • Drum type screening device


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[0013] Such as figure 1 , 2 As shown in 3, the present invention includes a support frame 1, and legs 2 are connected below the support frame 1. Both ends of the support frame 1 are respectively provided with a roller set 3, and the support roller set 3 includes two symmetrically arranged The supporting wheel, the supporting beam 1 is also connected with a driving device 4 that drives the two supporting wheels of the left supporting wheel set 3 to rotate. The driving device 4 includes a reducer 5, one of the reducer 5 and the two supporting wheels of the left supporting wheel set 3 It is driven by a belt.
[0014] The frame beam 1 is provided with a grille cylinder 6 for filtering out large tobacco leaves. The left end of the grille cylinder 6 is a feed port, and the right end is a discharge port. The feed port of the grille cylinder 6 is provided with a flange bead 12. Sealing ribs 13 are provided in the feed opening of the grille cylinder 6, a track ring 9 is provided at both ends of the grille cylinder 6, and the grille cylinder 6 is supported on the frame beam 1 through the track rings 9 at both ends. On the supporting wheel set 3 at both ends, the grille cylinder 6 is arranged obliquely downward from left to right, and the grille cylinder 6 is provided with a protective cover 7 connected to the frame beam 1 under the grille cylinder 6 A discharge hopper 8 connected to the supporting beam 1 is provided.
[0015] The discharge port of the grid cylinder 6 is integrally provided with a discharge cylinder 10, and the discharge cylinder 10 is uniformly distributed with screen holes 11, and the large blades filtered by the grid cylinder 6 are evenly spread in the next process through the screen holes 11 On conveyor equipment.


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