Abdominal administration and anesthesia box for rat

A technology of intraperitoneal administration and anesthesia box, which is applied in the fields of medical science, veterinary instruments, and restraint of animals, etc., can solve the problems of affecting the reliability of experimental results, enhancing the stress response of rats, life and economic distress, etc. Achieving the effect of avoiding scratching and biting accidents, reducing painful struggles, and reducing discomfort

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-06-15
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This has caused no small living and financial distress to laboratory workers
In addition, grasping and pinching the rats with bare hands will cause the rats ...
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The invention discloses an abdominal administration and anesthesia box for a rat.The box comprises a transparent box body (1), the upper portion of the transparent box body (1) is provided with an opening (2), the back portion of the transparent box body (1) is provided with tail plate insertion grooves (5) used for allowing a tail plate (7) to insert, and the portion, occupying 1/2 of the area, of the back portion of a bottom plate (3) of the transparent box body (1) is provided with uniformly-distributed circular administration holes (4); the box is further provided with an arched pressing plate (10) used for covering the opening (2) from the position over the transparent box body (1), and the arch crown of the pressing plate (10) is provided with a long-strip-shaped pressing handle (9).According to the box, the risk that an operator is scratched and bit by the rat in the injection process can be reduced to be zero; the discomfort of the rat is reduced, a stress reaction of the rat is reduced, and the reliability of an experimental result is improved.

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Animal fettering

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PediatricsNasal administration +3


  • Abdominal administration and anesthesia box for rat
  • Abdominal administration and anesthesia box for rat
  • Abdominal administration and anesthesia box for rat


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Example Embodiment

[0012] The present invention will be further described in detail below with reference to the drawings and embodiments.
[0013] Such as figure 1 As shown, the present invention includes a transparent box body 1. The upper and rear sides of the transparent box body 1 are open, and the upper side is an opening 2. The rear is closed by a tail plate 7, and the structure of the tail plate 7 is as figure 2 As shown, a hoisting ring 6 is provided on the top of the tailgate 7, and the hoisting ring 6 is located at the center of the top of the tailgate 7, and a semicircular opening 8 with a diameter of 1.0 to 1.5 cm is provided at the center of the bottom of the tailboard 7.
[0014] The tail plate 7 is inserted through the tail plate insertion slot 5 at the rear of the transparent box 1 to close the rear of the transparent box 1. The tail plate insertion groove 5 is two groove-shaped parts made of plastic or rubber glued on the inside of the rear of the transparent box body 1.
[0015] At the bottom of the transparent box body 1, that is, the bottom plate 3 is provided with a dosing circular hole 4 for inserting an injection needle. The dosing circular hole 4 occupies about half of the area in the rear half of the bottom plate 3.
[0016] It is also provided with an arched pressing plate 10 for covering the opening 2 from above the transparent box 1, such as image 3 As shown, the dome of the pressing plate 10 is provided with a long pressing handle 9.
[0017] The present invention is implemented as follows: Figure 1-3 As shown, when using, first remove the tail plate 7 from the tail plate insertion slot 5, take out the pressure plate 10, let the rat enter the box from the tail entrance of the transparent box 1, and then insert the tail plate 7 into the tail plate insertion slot In step 5, press the semicircular opening 8 in the middle of the bottom of the tail plate 7 to the root of the rat's tail, and leave the rat's tail outside the transparent box 1. Put the pressure plate 10 in, the operator can control the hand pressure according to the situation of the rat, and press the pressure handle 9 of the pressure plate 10 to make the rat abdomen close to the bottom plate 3 of the transparent box 1. Turn over the transparent box 1 (make the bottom plate 3 face up), and locate the injection site through the dosing round hole 4 punched out on the bottom plate 3. The syringe needle is pierced from the dosing hole 4 and after the dosing is completed, the needle is pulled out, the tail plate 7 is taken out, the pressure plate 10 is taken out, and the rat is taken out.
[0018] Of course, the above are only specific application examples of the present invention. There are other embodiments of the present invention. All technical solutions formed by equivalent substitutions or equivalent transformations fall within the protection scope of the present invention.


Diameter1.0 ~ 1.5cm

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