Infrared temperature detecting precision correcting method

A technology of infrared temperature and detection accuracy, which is applied in the field of infrared temperature detection accuracy correction, can solve the problems of infrared temperature measurement accuracy error, infrared temperature measurement accuracy influence, etc., and achieve the effect of improving accuracy

Active Publication Date: 2016-06-29
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Problems solved by technology

[0004] The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is: to comprehensively solve the problem of the influence of observation dist...
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Method used

In sum, the present invention obtains the relation between measurement angle of view, observation distance, measurement result and actual temperature value by comprehensively studying the impact of observation angle and observation distance on the actual temperature measurement process of infrared thermal imager, which can improve the temperature of infrared thermal imager. The accuracy of the temperature measurement results of the imager can obtain the actual temperature value of the target surface more accurately, which is of great significance for the wide application of infrared thermal radiation detection.
The mobile drive of slide block on guide rail and the rotary drive of rotary platform are prior art, such as adopting driving mechanisms such as cylinder or connecting rod. Correspondingly, the control unit can be in the form of a computer and a micro-controller chip or a combination of the two. If a combination of the two is used, the computer can send a movement control command for the slider or the rotary pan/tilt to the controller chip (such as a single-chip ...
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The invention discloses an infrared temperature detecting precision correcting method. The influences of an observation angle and an observation distance on a practical temperature measuring process of a thermal infrared imager are studied comprehensively, and a relational expression between a measuring viewing angle, the observation distance, a measuring result and a practical temperature value is obtained. In the measuring process, the infrared temperature detecting precision correcting method comprises the steps of: obtaining a distance between an infrared temperature measuring instrument located at an observing point and a measured target radiant surface, an included angle formed between a lens normal of the infrared temperature measuring instrument and a normal of the measured target radiant surface, and a radiation temperature measured value of the surface of the measured target; and obtaining the corrected practical temperature value of the measured target according to the relational expression and the measured data. According to the invention, the precision of the temperature measuring result of the thermal infrared imager can be improved, the practical temperature value of the target body surface is obtained relatively accurately, and the infrared temperature detecting precision correcting method has great significance on the wide application of infrared radiation detection.

Application Domain

Radiation pyrometry

Technology Topic

Radiation temperatureCorrection method +5


  • Infrared temperature detecting precision correcting method
  • Infrared temperature detecting precision correcting method
  • Infrared temperature detecting precision correcting method


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Example Embodiment

[0051] Example
[0052] For the determination of α, β, and γ parameters, the infrared radiation detection device selected in this embodiment is an IRT513-A thermal infrared imager (ThermalInfraredImager), the working waveband is 8-14μm, and the number of pixels detected by the vanadium oxide detector is 320× 240, the pixel size is 38×38μm 2 , The imaging format is 25HzPAL, the temperature resolution of the thermal imager is 50mK30℃, and the image signal of the infrared thermal imager is connected to the computer through a network cable. The measured target, the infrared radiator, is the Fluke infrared black body source.
[0053] Such as figure 2 As shown, the infrared black body source 2 is placed on the rotating pan/tilt 5, and then fixed on the surface of the slider 4. The infrared thermal imager 1 is fixed on the surface of another slider 4, and the infrared can be controlled by the movement of the slider 4 along the guide rail 3. The distance between the black body source 2 and the infrared thermal imager 1, while controlling the rotation of the rotating pan/tilt 5 can change the measurement angle of view between the infrared black body source 2 and the infrared thermal imager 1. The rotation angle of the rotating head and the moving distance of the slider can be controlled by the control unit, figure 2 In the illustrated embodiment, a computer 6 is used as the control unit, and the computer 6 and each driving mechanism are connected by a control communication cable 7. A high-performance digital display angle ruler can be placed on the rotating pan/tilt 5 to verify the correctness of the rotation angle of the pan/tilt controlled by the control unit.


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