Civil scissor composite

A composite material, scissors technology, applied in the field of kitchen knives, can solve the problems of waste of resources and energy, cracking, sharpness, poor wear resistance, etc.

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-02-01
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Problems solved by technology

Since 3CR13 stainless steel has been heat-treated, its hardness is between HRC43-48, but the hardness is prone to cracking in the range of HRC46-48
Due to the low hardness of the material, the toughness is good, but the sharpness and wear resistance are poor.
After th...
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According to the technical scheme of the invention, VG-10 Takefu specially-made stainless steel (1) is adopted as blade steel, the thickness is 15%-25% of the overall thickness of a civil scissor composite, and the weight accounts for 15%-25% of the overall scissor weight; and high-quality martensite 3CR13 stainless steel (2) is adopted for a scissor body, and the combined face of the VG-10 Takefu specially-made stainless steel (1) and the high-quality martensite 3CR13 stainless steel (2) is sealed and 1180 DEG C-1220 DEG C high-temperature and high-pressure metallurgy recombination to form a scissor blank composite (3). The scissor blank composite is subjected to heat treatment, the scissor body steel hardness is HRC 43-48, and the blade steel hardness is HRC 60-62. Due to the fact that the VG-10 Takefu specially-made stainless steel only accounts for 15%-25% of the overall scissor weight, high-end civil scissors which is good in toughness, high in strength, provided with the sharp blade, resistant to rust and corrosion, high in performance, low in cost, cheap and good in quality can be produced.

Application Domain

Metal working apparatusMetal-working hand tools

Technology Topic

CorrosionHardness +7


  • Civil scissor composite


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0013] The technical scheme adopted in the present invention is: the blade is made of expensive VG-10 Takeshi special stainless steel. According to the specifications and shapes of different civilian scissors, the blade steel accounts for 15%-25% of the overall composite knife weight; the knife body material is made of low-priced high-quality martensitic 3CR13 stainless steel, accounting for 85%-75% of the overall composite knife weight; The joint surface of VG-10 Wusheng special stainless steel and 3CR13 is sealed and wrapped in 3CR13, and the metallurgical composite is achieved by high temperature and high pressure of 1180-1220 degrees. The composite material is processed into various specifications and shapes by die or wire cutting. .
[0014] The beneficial effects of the invention are: (1) the service life of the original 3CR13 stainless steel civil scissors can be several times; (2) by extending the service life, the scarce resources of tungsten, molybdenum, chromium and vanadium alloys are greatly saved, and the prolongation of the service life is to reduce the material Waste, that is, reducing the smelting of alloy steel and stainless steel, and realizing real energy saving and emission reduction; (3) Because VG-10 Wusheng special stainless steel only accounts for 15%-25% of the weight of the overall scissors, it achieves low price and excellent quality, and has become the majority of civilians. Affordable high-end civilian scissors.


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