Hand-held mountain mowing flattening machine

A flattening machine and mowing technology, applied in the direction of balers, harvesters, agricultural machinery and implements, etc., can solve the problems of low grass efficiency and achieve the effect of low labor intensity, compact structure and convenient movement

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-03-06
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[0004] In order to solve the problems of low efficiency of pasture harvesting by human an...
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A hand-held mountain mowing and flattening machine that can complete mowing, raking and other operations at one time. The device mainly includes a reel, a grain divider, a cutter, a pressure roller gap adjustment device, a grass divider, and a grass guide plate , flattening device, transmission device, grass feeding board, tiller, frame, automatic tensioning device, wherein the output power shaft is connected with the main shaft of the mower flattening machine during work: on the one hand, the reel is driven by a bevel gear reducer The device and the flattening device rotate; on the other hand, the cutting table is driven by the crank slider to move; the pasture is separated under the action of the grain divider; The pasture feeding and flattening device kneads and fracturing to form grass strips, which are laid on both sides of the walking wheels, completing the whole process of pasture harvesting; this hand-held mountain mowing and flattening machine has high production efficiency and low labor intensity , compact structure, easy to move and so on.

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  • Hand-held mountain mowing flattening machine
  • Hand-held mountain mowing flattening machine


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[0014] in figure 1 Among them, it includes reel, divider, cutter, pressure roller gap adjustment device, grass divider, grass guide, flattening device, transmission device, grass conveyer, micro tillage machine, frame, automatic tensioning device When the hand-held mountain mowing and flattening machine is working, the output power shaft of the tiller is connected to the main shaft of the mowing and flattening machine through a coupling. On the one hand, it is driven by the bevel gear reducer to reduce the speed and increase the torque. The flattening device (7) rotates; on the other hand, the horizontal reciprocating cutting table is directly driven by the crank slider mechanism to move left and right; when the machine is walking, under the action of the crop divider (2), it will harvest and uncut forage Separate; secondly, the reel (1) transfers the grass to be cut into the cutting table, the auxiliary cutter (3) cuts, and at the same time feeds the grass cut by the cutter to the flattening roller through the guide plate, and the flattening device ( 7) The forage grass is kneaded and cracked, and the squashed forage grass is formed into a certain thickness of grass strips under the action of the grass conveying device, and laid on the two outer sides of the walking wheel to complete the whole process of forage harvesting.
[0015] in figure 2 It includes the reel driven sprocket, reel shaft, bearing, edge braces, spokes, tube shafts, and nuts. The spokes on the left and right sides are fixed on the reel shaft (14) via the spokes, and the edges are pulled Ribs (16), spokes and nuts are welded to each other, the tube shaft is installed in the nut (19), and the bearings (15) on both sides are installed on the reel adjusting rod. The specific position of the reel is adjusted by the adjusting rod In order to adapt to different forage harvesting; the leftmost end of the reel is equipped with a driven sprocket to transmit power, so that the reel rotates in a counterclockwise direction and feed the forage into the cutting platform.


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