Photocuring resin for fast forming and preparation method thereof

A light-curing resin, fast technology, applied in the field of rapid prototyping light-curing resin and preparation, it can solve the problems of serious shrinkage and poor dimensional accuracy, and achieve the effects of low shrinkage, long pot life and low viscosity

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-05-04
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However, free radical cured resin systems shrink more severely, so the dimensional accuracy is poor
Although the resin systems invented by the above-mention...
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The invention relates to photocuring resin for fast forming and a preparation method thereof. The resin is prepared from the following ingredients in percentage by mass: 10 to 55 weight percent of cationic photocuring resin prepolymers, 10 to 40 weight percent of free radical photocuring resin prepolymers, 5 to 30 weight percent of cationic photocuring resin active diluents, 5 to 30 weight percentof free radical photocuring resin active diluents, 1 to 6 weight percent of cationic photoinitiator and 1 to 8 weight percent of free radical photoinitiator. According to the preparation method, eachraw material prepolymer and the photoinitiator are uniformly mixed according to a certain mass ratio at first; heating is performed for 30 to 80 min to obtain pale yellow transparent liquid; then, diluting agents are added for uniform mixing; the photocuring resin is finally obtained. By using the formula and the preparation method provided by the invention, the required product with high curingspeed, high dimension precision and high mechanical property can be prepared.

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PrepolymerPhotoinitiator +3


  • Photocuring resin for fast forming and preparation method thereof
  • Photocuring resin for fast forming and preparation method thereof
  • Photocuring resin for fast forming and preparation method thereof


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[0024] In order to make the objectives, technical solutions, and advantages of the present invention clearer, the present invention will be further described in detail below in conjunction with embodiments.
[0025] The components listed in Table 1 (Example) are mixed uniformly according to a certain mass ratio, and heated for 30-80 minutes to obtain a light yellow transparent liquid. Each cured product thus prepared was tested and analyzed according to the following test methods, and the test results are also listed in Table 1-2.


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