Screen dust removal device

A technology of dust removal device and screen, which is applied in the direction of cleaning methods and utensils, cleaning methods using tools, chemical instruments and methods, etc., which can solve the problems of inability to clean dust and troubles, and achieve the effect of good cleaning and convenient use

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-06-29
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[0003] At present, in the existing technology, when most people clean the dust on the surface of the screen, they usually just wipe it with a rag or paper towel, but the dust cannot be cleaned during the cleaning process. It is more troubleso...
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The invention discloses a screen dust removal device which comprises a transverse slide base. A first slide rail is arranged on the front surface of the transverse slide base. One inner end of the first slide rail is provided with a first automatic adjusting rod with the telescopic end in the horizontal direction. A first slider is arranged in the first slide rail. The front surface of the first slider is provided with a first automatic push rod with the downward telescopic end. The telescopic end of the first automatic push rod is provided with a first brush plate. The rear surface of the first brush plate is provided with first bristles. One end of the lower surface of the transverse slide base is provided with a vertical plate. The front surface of the vertical plate is provided with asecond slide rail. The inner upper end of the second slide rail is provided with a second automatic adjusting rod with the downward telescopic end. The screen dust removal device has the advantages that the dust removal device can be installed on a displayer of a computer, dust removal can be conducted at any time, no artificial dust removal is needed, thorough cleaning can be better achieved, andthe screen dust removal device can be conveniently used.

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Cleaning using tools

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Display deviceMechanical engineering +1


  • Screen dust removal device
  • Screen dust removal device
  • Screen dust removal device


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[0020] Implementation case 2: The first automatic push rod 5 and the second automatic push rod 12 in the device are replaced with linear motors, and the rest are the same as the implementation case 1, and the same effect can also be achieved.


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