Automatic welding device

An automatic welding and welding arm technology, applied in auxiliary devices, welding equipment, auxiliary welding equipment, etc., can solve the problems of difficult on-site management, shortage of operators, high labor intensity, etc., to reduce the accident rate, avoid personal danger, High welding efficiency

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-09-28
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[0002] At present, the welding between various materials is mainly manual welding, and there are mainly the following problems in the welding process: first, the technical requirements for the operators are high, the labor intensity is high, and the welding quality is difficult to guarantee; the second is manual welding. The efficiency is too low, and a large amount of C0 is generated after welding 2 , CO, S0 2 Harmful gases such as harmful gases are not only harmful to the he...
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The invention discloses an automatic welding device. The automatic welding device comprises a base, a fixed arm is arranged in the middle of the upper portion of the base, an air cylinder is arrangedon one side of the lower end of the fixed arm, a movable arm is fixedly connected to one side of the upper end of the fixed arm, a movable connecting rod is connected to the interior of the movable arm in a sleeved mode, and a manipulator welding and fixing device is arranged at the end of the movable connecting rod. According to the automatic welding device, the air cylinder can adjust the direction of the movable arm and then adjusts the movable connection direction, then the movable connecting rod adjusts the direction of the manipulator welding device, an adjusting air cylinder of the manipulator welding device adjusts a welding arm to move back and forth in the horizontal direction by controlling telescoping of an adjusting connecting rod, and then welding is automatically conducted.Therefore, traditional manual welding is converted into mechanical arm welding, manpower is saved, and the welding efficiency is high; meanwhile, personal risks brought to workers due to improper operation of manual welding is avoided, and the accident occurrence rate is decreased.

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Welding/cutting auxillary devicesAuxillary welding devices +2

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ManipulatorControl engineering +1


  • Automatic welding device
  • Automatic welding device


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Example Embodiment

[0013] The present invention will be further described in detail below in conjunction with the drawings and specific embodiments.
[0014] Such as figure 1 , 2 Shown: an automatic welding device, comprising a base 1, an inclined fixed arm 2 is arranged at a middle position above the base 1, the fixed arm 2 is made of alloy steel material, and the fixed arm 2 is arranged on the lower end side There is a cylinder 3, the cylinder 3 is made of high-quality nitrogen plus alloy tube sealed sleeve, the upper end of the fixed arm 2 is fixedly connected with a movable arm 4, the movable arm 4 and the fixed arm 2 are fixedly connected by bolts, so The movable arm 4 is sleeved with a movable connecting rod 5 which is cut from an aluminum alloy rod, and the end of the movable connecting rod 5 is provided with a robot welding fixing device 6, and the robot welding fixing device 6 includes a fixed plate 6.1, the fixed plate 6.1 is made of cast iron casting and polishing, the fixed plate 6.1 is provided with a balance fixing frame 6.2 on one side, the balance fixing frame 6.2 is made of high-density metal rods spliced ​​together, high The density of the metal rod facilitates the balance of the overall center of gravity, and the rod connecting block 6.3 is fixed above the fixed plate 6.1, and the rod connecting block 6.3 is fixedly connected to the fixed plate 6.1 by a buckle, and the end of the balance fixing frame 6.2 is fixed on the rod On the connecting block 6.3; the middle position of the fixed disk 6.1 is provided with a manipulator shaft 6.10, the manipulator shaft 6.10 is made of high-carbon steel by pressing and cutting, the manipulator shaft 6.10 is connected with a telescopic guide shaft 6.5, the telescopic guide shaft 6.5 is made of It is made of a stainless steel metal rod. A stabilizing block 6.4 is arranged above the telescopic guide shaft 6.5. The stabilizing block 6.4 is fixedly connected to the fixed plate 6.1 and is made of a sand filling iron box. The weight of the sand filling can be adjusted at any time; Below the telescopic guide shaft 6.5 is provided a welding arm 6.6 that can move back and forth along the horizontal direction of the telescopic guide shaft 6.5. The welding arm 6.6 is made by turning a metal rod with good guiding properties on a lathe. The bottom of one end of the welding arm 6.6 is provided with an adjusting cylinder 6.9. The adjusting cylinder 6.9 is transformed from a small hydraulic device. The adjusting cylinder 6.9 is connected to one end of the adjusting connecting rod 6.8, and the adjusting connecting 6.8 is formed by sleeved and fixed light weight rods. The other end of the adjusting connecting rod 6.8 It is fixed at the other end of the welding arm 6.6, and the end of the welding arm 6.6 is provided with a welding head 7. The welding head 6.7 is made of new alloy tungsten steel material through high temperature forging, high temperature forging can make the material reach higher strength .
[0015] Although the embodiments of the present invention have been shown and described, those of ordinary skill in the art can understand that various changes, modifications, and substitutions can be made to these embodiments without departing from the principle and spirit of the present invention. And variations, the scope of the present invention is defined by the appended claims and their equivalents.


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