Surface treatment box suitable for ball ink tube

A technology of surface treatment and spheroidal ink, which is applied in the field of processing boxes, can solve the problems of wasting manpower, threatening the safety of staff, falling into the processing box, etc., and achieve the effect of increasing the utilization rate and saving energy

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[0002] In order to ensure the service life of the pipeline, after the pipeline is produced, the surface of the pipeline needs to be chemically treated once, which can make the pipeline anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation. The staff put the pipeline in a treatment box, soak the pipeline for a period of time, and fish out the pipeline , but when operating, it will b...
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The invention discloses a surface treatment box suitable for a ball ink tube. The surface treatment box comprises a rocking handle I, a connecting rod I, a belt I, a shell I, a supporting plate, a rocking handle II, a connecting rod II, a belt II, a shell and a box body, wherein the rocking handle I is fixedly arranged on the connecting rod I, the other end of the connecting rod I is installed onthe belt I, the outer shell I wraps the belt I, the rocking handle II is fixedly installed on the connecting rod II, the other end of the connecting rod II is installed on the belt II, the outer shellwraps the belt II, a supporting plate is connected between the belt I and the belt II, the supporting plate is placed on the inner side of the box body. The surface treatment box suitable for the ball ink tube does not need to be assisted by multiple workers, the pipeline can be easily fished out, a large amount of physical power can be saved, and the situation of falling into the treatment box can be avoided.

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Lifting frames

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Surface finishingEngineering


  • Surface treatment box suitable for ball ink tube


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Example Embodiment

[0010] In order to make the objective technical solutions and advantages of the present invention clearer, the following further describes the present invention in detail through the accompanying drawings and embodiments. However, it should be understood that the specific embodiments described here are only used to explain the present invention, and are not used to limit the scope of the present invention.
[0011] Such as figure 1 As shown, the present invention uses a surface treatment box suitable for spheroidal ink tubes, including rocking handle I1, connecting rod I2, belt I3, housing I4, pallet 5, rocking handle II6, connecting rod II7, belt II8, housing 9 and Box 10, rocking handle I1 is fixedly installed on connecting rod I2, the other end of connecting rod I2 is installed on belt I3, shell I4 is wrapped with belt I3, rocking handle II6 is fixedly installed on connecting rod II7, and the other end of connecting rod II7 Installed on the belt Ⅱ8, the shell 9 wraps the belt Ⅱ8, the pallet 5 is connected between the belt Ⅰ3 and the belt Ⅱ8, and the pallet 5 is placed inside the box body 10.
[0012] A number of through holes are opened on the surface of the supporting plate 5.
[0013] The material of the box body 10 is PVC plastic.
[0014] The above descriptions are only preferred embodiments of the present invention, and are not intended to limit the present invention. Any modification, equivalent replacement or improvement made within the spirit and principle of the present invention shall be included in the protection of the present invention. Within range.


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