Tartary buckwheat sprout mutton sausage and preparation method thereof

A production method, the technology of tartary buckwheat sprouts, applied in food ingredients as emulsifiers, food ingredients as antioxidants, food science, etc., can solve problems such as poor taste, achieve good color, increase taste and appetite

Pending Publication Date: 2020-07-17
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Problems solved by technology

Because fresh tartary buckwheat sprouts have a grassy taste, slightly bitter, and poor taste, there are relatively few reports on the proc...
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Method used

The present invention adds wheat germ oil etc. in sausage raw material, makes sausage nutritive value higher; Simultaneously, the addition of beef fat, self-made emulsifier etc., sausage cross-section produces texture similar to beef, mutton lean meat, beef fat, Tartary buckwheat bud powder, eggs, red wine, spices and other flavor substances interact with each other. The product has no mutton smell...
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The invention discloses a tartary buckwheat sprout mutton sausage and a preparation method thereof, and relates to the technical field of food processing. The sausage comprises the following raw materials in parts by weight: 75-85 parts of lean mutton, 2-15 parts of bovine fat, 5-20 parts of tartary buckwheat sprout powder, 2-10 parts of corn starch, 5-20 parts of soybean protein isolate, 2-15 parts of egg liquid, 1-8 parts of edible salt, 1-4 parts of white sugar, 1-10 parts of soy sauce, 1-5 parts of monosodium glutamate, 1-15 parts of red wine, 0-1 part of I+G, 0-1 part of spices, 0-0.5 part of monascus red pigment, 0-2 parts of a water-retaining phosphate, 1-10 parts of an emulsifying and anti-oxidation agent and 0-1 part of D-sodium erythorbate. The sausage not only has good color, emulsification appearance, texture and oxidation resistance, but also has unique fragrance of the spices, improves taste and appetite of consumers, is beneficial to lowering blood pressure, blood sugarand blood fat, lowering cardiovascular morbidity and the like, and is beneficial to body health of the consumers.

Application Domain

Food ingredient as antioxidantFood homogenisation +2

Technology Topic

Corn starchSodium erythorbate +10


  • Tartary buckwheat sprout mutton sausage and preparation method thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0033] Example 1
[0034] a. Prepare the following parts by weight of raw materials: 80 parts of lean sheep meat, 3 parts of beef fat, 10 parts of tartary buckwheat sprout powder, 5 parts of corn starch, 5 parts of soybean protein isolate, 2 parts of eggs, 4 parts of salt, white sugar 2 parts, 6 parts of soy sauce, 1 part of MSG, 0.2 part of I+G, 3 parts of red wine, 0.2 parts of spices, 0.05 parts of red yeast red pigment, 0.3 parts of water-retaining phosphate, 3 parts of emulsification and antioxidants, sodium D-isoascorbate 0.1 part;
[0035] b. Diced mutton processing: take fresh lean mutton as raw material, remove the skin and fat, wash with cold water, remove and drain naturally, the meat cutter cuts out 1.0cm×0.8cm×0.4cm diced meat, which cannot be processed into meat Mix the diced scraps with the diced meat for later use;
[0036] c. Beef fat processing: take fresh beef fat as raw material, slowly heat up the oil bath, stop heating immediately after the beef fat is completely melted, filter to remove scum, and set aside;
[0037] d. Tartary buckwheat sprout powder processing: first soak the tartary buckwheat with water for a long time at low temperature, soak until it absorbs water and expand, remove the natural wind circulation and sunlight to remove the natural wind circulation to accelerate the germination. The buds are transferred to an oven, dried at 55°C until dehydrated to 5% moisture, superfinely pulverized, and sieved with 40 meshes to obtain whole tartary buckwheat bud powder;
[0038] e. Egg processing: take fresh egg fat as raw material, remove the shell, transfer to a homogenizer, homogenize at 10000r/min for 5min, refrigerate at 4℃;
[0039] f. Spice processing: one or more of onions, garlic, ginger, pepper, pepper, fennel, star anise, cinnamon, bean curd, amomum, clove, angelica, grass fruit, licorice, cumin, thyme, etc. The compound spice is superfinely pulverized and sieved with 60 mesh;
[0040] a. Emulsification and antioxidant preparation: 5 parts of sodium alginate, 10 parts of wheat germ oil, 80 parts of water, homogenized by a 0.1MPa high-pressure homogenizer;
[0041] b. Chopped and marinated: Add diced lamb, beef fat, tartary buckwheat sprout powder, corn starch, eggs, 5 parts of ice water, low-speed chopping for 5 minutes, then add salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, I in sequence +G, red wine, spices, 5 parts of ice water, chopped at low speed for 5 minutes; then add red yeast rice, water-retaining phosphate, emulsification and antioxidants, 5 parts of ice water, chopped at low speed for 5 minutes;
[0042] Finally, add the remaining auxiliary materials and 5 parts of ice water, and chop at high speed for 5 minutes until the raw materials are in the state of minced meat. The minced meat should be marinated for 12h at 4℃;
[0043] h. Filling: transfer the cured meat to the sausage machine, pour it into the artificial casing, and seal both ends of the casing with aluminum buttons. The length of the casing is 10cm. Check whether the intestines are broken. No damaged products, spray to clean the surface of the intestines;
[0044] i. Low-temperature sterilization: transfer the tartary buckwheat bud sausage into a sterilization pot and sterilize at 85°C for 20 minutes;
[0045] j. Cooling: Under aseptic environment, aseptic air cooling, the temperature of tartary buckwheat sprout sausage center is reduced to 9℃
[0046] k. Metal detection and storage: use metal detectors for inspection, and store qualified products at a low temperature of 8°C;


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