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  • How to improve the energy density of lithium batteries?
  • How to improve the corrosion resistance of neodymium iron boron?
  • How to reduce motorcycle noise?

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Please describe the background of your technical solution, the technical problems you want to solve or the technical means you want to use. It is recommended to input content between 50-1500 characters.
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  • Research on improving the energy density of lithium batteries. Traditional lithium-ion batteries have low energy density and short cycle life. This technical solution mainly improves the problem of low energy density of lithium batteries.
  • A method of improving the corrosion resistance of NdFeB magnets, mainly using anti-corrosion coating technology, coating a layer of anti-corrosion coatings on the surface of NdFeB magnets, such as fluorocarbon paint, polyurethane coating, etc., to improve its corrosion resistance.


is an intelligent assistant for R&D personnel, combined with Patent DNA, to facilitate innovative research.

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  • Technical Q&A

    Technology Q&A

    Based on patent data, summarize solutions and help explore technical directions
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    Patent Assistant

    Summarize the patent in three sentences, extract the key points of the scheme, and quickly compare the implementation.
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    Submission Assistant

    Describe the technical solution in one sentence, and generate a proposal.
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