Technical Efficacy Thesaurus

Eureka technical efficacy words collection of various industry hot words and the efficacy of the corresponding technical patent data, users can query a technical field related technical patent data.
Simple structureLow costEasy to useImprove efficiencyImprove securityEasy to operateExtended service lifeImprove work efficiencyImprove accuracyIncrease productivitySimple processReduce manufacturing costEasy to prepareReduce volumeHigh strengthReasonable designCompact structureReduce energy consumptionReasonable structureEasy to installShorten the timeGood effectIncrease profitImprove user experienceEasy to implementSmall footprintImprove stabilityHigh precisionImprove performanceImprove reliabilityReduce labor intensityReduce power consumptionGood stabilityImprove processing efficiencyEnsure safetyImprove convenienceReduce weightSave spaceGuaranteed accuracyReduce workloadHigh degree of automationEasy to makeSimple and efficient operationImprove practicalityLow priceSimple methodPracticalEasy to carryAvoid damageLow manufacturing costIncrease flexibilitySave human effortQuality improvementEasy to cleanSimple preparation processReduce noiseHigh sensitivityAccelerateEasy to adjustReduce labor costsGuaranteed stabilitySmall sizeVersatileHigh yieldWide range of applicationsNovel structureEnergy-savingStable structureReduce wearReduce pollutionReduce the impactSafe to useEasy to processImprove comfortGreat tasteIncrease contact areaHigh purityReduce complexityEasy maintenanceIncrease productionImprove cleaning efficiencyReasonable structural designImprove experienceCost reductionSave resourcesImprove detection efficiencyImprove adhesionEasy to assembleReduce damageReduce wasteSimple production processImprove qualityReduce frictionFull of nutritionSignificant effectAvoid pollutionEasy to controlSimple device structureIncrease frictionReduce riskReduce consumptionHigh measurement accuracySimple designReduce dosageImprove mechanical propertiesImprove detection accuracyEasy to manufactureAvoid wastingImprove the effectLabor savingEasy to moveReduce use costImprove yieldReduce difficultyHigh hardnessReduce in quantityMild reaction conditionsImprove construction efficiencyLow production costEasy to replaceEasy to assemble and disassembleReduce mistakesExtend your lifeImprove test efficiencyImprove wear resistanceReduce usageSimple and reasonable structureReduce construction costsStrong adhesionLight in massReduce vibrationIngenious designShort timeImprove safety performanceLarge specific surface areaImprove adaptabilityPrecise positioningExcellent performanceNo side effectsEasy accessGood compatibilityIncrease the scope of applicationHigh nutritional valuePrevent leakageGood mechanical propertiesReduce environmental pollutionSave manpower and material resourcesReduce loadImprove economic efficiencyReduce maintenance costs
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