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Linear Suture Cutting Device

The invention discloses a linear suturing and cutting device. The linear suturing and cutting device comprises an upper forceps holder and a lower forceps holder which can be closed and opened mutually. The upper forceps holder comprises a nail anvil, the lower forceps holder comprises a nail cartridge rack, the nail cartridge rack is detachably provided with a nail cartridge, and the inside of the nail cartridge is sequentially provided with a nail cartridge hole which penetrates the surface of the nail cartridge and a nail pushing sheet which is arranged inside the nail cartridge and can slide relative to the nail cartridge hole; the inside of the nail cartridge is also slidingly provided with a trigger sheet, the trigger sheet is provided with a wedge-shaped nail pushing unit which can drive the nail pushing sheet to slide inside the nail cartridge hole, and the nail cartridge hole is inclined to the far end of the nail cartridge. Therefore, when the nail pushing sheet inside the nail cartridge sheet is pushed, the stress direction of the nail pushing sheet is identical to the extension direction of the nail cartridge hole, relatively high friction force between the nail pushing sheet and the inner wall of the nail cartridge hole can be avoided, so that the nail pushing sheet can be pushed more smoothly, and further the surgical difficulty can be reduced.
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