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Sensor having electrode for determining the rate of flow of a fluid

Sensors that are capable measuring the rate of flow of a fluid that passes over the electrodes of the sensor. In these sensors, an electrode, designated the flow rate-determining electrode, is used in conjunction with the conventional electrodes, e.g., the working electrode, the reference electrode, and the counter electrode, to determine the rate of flow of the fluid. In one aspect, this invention provides a sensor for measuring the concentration of an analyte in a sample of fluid when the sample flows continuously over the electrodes of the sensor, especially when the rate of flow of the sample is relatively low. In another aspect, this invention provides a method for measuring the concentration of an analyte in a sample of fluid, wherein the rate of flow of the sample varies during the period of time that the sensor is in place. In a preferred embodiment, the sensor employs four electrodes, namely, a working electrode, a reference electrode, a counter electrode, and a flow rate-determining electrode. Alternatively, a single electrode that performs both the function of the reference electrode and the function of the counter electrode can replace the reference electrode and the counter electrode. In addition, a dummy electrode or a blank electrode can be used to compensate for interference from electrochemically active species. The reagent(s) specific to the analyte of interest is required to be deposited on the working electrode.

Interchangeable golf club head and adjustable handle system

A system for converting readily available standard off the shelf golf club parts into a interchangeable golf club system. A conversion system consists of a head insert which can be glued into the hosel of a standard golf club head. A shaft insert having a central flange is insertable and glueable into place on a standard shaft of a golf club. The shaft insert and the head insert forming a quick connect to attach the shaft to the golf club head. Through the use of different club heads representing the full range of woods, irons, and putter, each having a head insert pre-installed, the club may have emulating any club by attaching the desired club head. A shaft length adjustment is made by a cooperating pin installed in the top of the shaft and slidable within a number of slots provided in a telescoping sleeve slidable over the shaft.

Computerized smart gaming tournament system for the internet

A tournament system that encompasses and integrates wirelessly connected actual sports equipment with a computer and the internet to allow players geographically remote from one another to play an actual competitive sport. The system allows the communication of direct images and verbal interactions between geographically remote players during every aspect of play as if playing the same game together at the exact same time from their respective geographic locations. An individual player may opt to play solo or against the computer to improve techniques. Each local system of sports implements is coupled with signal processing and radio frequency transmitter circuitry to wirelessly communicate game performance information to a receiver and computer. The computer displays player information and visually displays and controls a sports competition in real-time between two or more players via the internet having similar equipment and remotely located from each other. The tournament system pairs remote players and designates a remote player within the group as a server and the others clients. If a player is disconnected during competition, information regarding that player's IP address and game status is supplied to the group's designated server and a connection is either reestablished or that player is replaced with another player from a queue of awaiting players. The system employs specially developed computer software to process player performance data, control game play, communicate game information between players, generate and control visual simulations and display player performance information.
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