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Single-molecule selection methods and compositions therefrom

InactiveUS20020034757A1Highly specific controlImprove complianceNanotechSugar derivativesNucleotideAdhesive
Single-molecule selection methods are provided for identifying target-binding molecules from diverse sequence and shape libraries. Complexes and imprints of selected target-binding molecules are also provided. The subject selection methods are used to identify oligonucleotide and nonnucleotide molecules with desirable properties for use in pharmaceuticals, drug discovery, drug delivery, diagnostics, medical devices, cosmetics, agriculture, environmental remediation, smart materials, packaging, microelectronics and nanofabrication. Single oligonucleotide molecules with desirable binding properties are selected from diverse sequence libraries and identified by amplification and sequencing. Alternatively, selected oligonucleotide molecules are identified by sequencing without amplification. Nonnucleotide molecules with desirable properties are identified by single-molecule selection from libraries of conjugated molecules or nucleotide-encoded nonnucleotide molecules. Alternatively, target-specific nonnucleotide molecules are prepared by imprinting selected oligonucleotide molecules into nonnucleotide molecular media. Complexes and imprints of molecules identified by single-molecule selection are shown to have broad utility as drugs, prodrugs, drug delivery systems, willfully reversible cosmetics, diagnostic reagents, sensors, transducers, actuators, adhesives, adherents and novel multimolecular devices.

Smart Parking Meter

The present invention relates to a ‘smart parking system’ comprising of 1) ‘smart parking meter’ containing a radiofrequency reader (RF reader); 2) radiofrequency tag (RF tag) containing vehicle identification information, that is mounted on vehicles; 3) a central control station communicating with a multitude of ‘smart parking meters’ to form a network; 4) the said central control station having a central computer system programmed with parking enforcement instructions. RF reader is provided with means to interrogate the RF tag of a vehicle parked in the corresponding parking stall; and transmit information obtained thereby to a central control station. The central control station has means to identify the said vehicle and determine whether or not the said vehicle is legally parked. If a parking violation is detected, the central computer system remotely instructs the corresponding ‘smart parking meter’ to issue a parking ticket. Means are also provided in the ‘smart parking system’ to determine if a vehicle parked in a parking stall has previous unpaid parking tickets. The ‘smart parking system’ also has means to determine if a vehicle wanted by law enforcement personnel is present in a parking stall within its network. According to yet another aspect, the ‘smart parking system’ has means to determine if a parking stall in its network is vacant and to reserve the said vacant stall for an authorized driver. Further, means are provided in the ‘smart parking meter’ to accept multiple forms of payment.

Integrated prescription management and compliance system

A system and method for prescription therapy management and compliance are provided. The system framework integrates primary databases from pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), health plans, and EHR providers with a secondary database system, user interface, and wireless messaging platform, in order to extract and aggregate user-specific prescription data and make it available to users through a personalized account and as a part of a wireless prescription reminder service. The system helps users access, aggregate, manage, update, automate, and schedule the prescriptions they are currently taking. Users receive real-time wireless prescription dosing reminders based on their prescribed drug, dosage, and other indications, tailored to each individual's daily schedule. These wireless dosing reminders (i) include additional instructional content such as pill images, compliance tools, and Web or WAP drug links, (ii) are automatically scheduled and transmitted based on the user's prescription source data, in conjunction with selections indicated on their personal account, and (iii) are transmitted via SMS, EMS, MMS, WAP, email, and other formats to the user's mobile phone, PDA, or other wireless device. The integrated interface and secondary database system enable a number of additional system features which focus on compliance and management of the underlying source prescription data.

Surgical device with tack-free gel and method of manufacture

A process of making a tack-free gel is disclosed comprising the steps of providing a mold defining a mold cavity, the mold cavity comprising a plastic material; pouring or injecting a molten gel having a high molding temperature into the mold cavity; and forming the tack-free gel as a thin layer of plastic of the mold cavity is melted over the gel. The forming step further comprises cooling the gel from the molten state to a solidified state. The melting temperature of the plastic material is lower than the molding temperature of the gel; and the higher the temperature differential, the greater the melting of the plastic material and the thicker the layer of the plastic material on the surface of the gel. The mold may be formed of low-density polyethylene (LDPE). With the process of the invention, the heat of the molten gel at its molding temperature is transferred to the surface of the LDPE mold so as to melt a thin layer of the LDPE. The mold may comprise a mold base having a plurality of mold holes forming a plurality of mold cavities, each of the mold holes comprising an axial pin to mold an axial hole through a center of the gel, an LDPE cylinder providing a predetermined inside diameter for the mold, and an LDPE disc mounted on the axial pin and disposed at the bottom of each mold cavity in the mold base. The process may further comprise the step of dabbing the gel in a low-friction powder such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and a lubricant. The mold may further comprise a mold top disposed axially of the mold base and comprises a plurality of holes forming a plurality of cavities, each of the mold top holes is adapted to receive the LDPE cylinder, and a second LDPE disc disposed at the top of each mold cavity of the mold top.

Tooth brushing pattern analyzing/modifying device, method and system for interactively modifying tooth brushing behavior

Disclosed are a toothbrushing pattern analyzing/correcting device, a toothbrushing pattern analyzing/correcting method, a method and a system for interactively correcting toothbrushing behavior. The toothbrushing pattern analyzing/correcting device of the present invention includes: a body part formed in the same direction as a toothbrush surface; a sensing unit having a sensor with at least one or more axes for sensing a user's toothbrushing motion and a sensor with one or more axes for sensing two or more toothbrushing positions; and a controller for operating signals input from the sensing unit to classify a user's toothbrushing motion into at least two or more patterns and at least two or more toothbrushing parts. Further, the toothbrushing pattern analyzing/correcting method includes the steps of: detecting the start of a user's toothbrushing; displaying a guiding screen in response to the start of a user's toothbrushing; detecting a user's toothbrushing pattern; analyzing the user's detected toothbrushing pattern; and providing a toothbrushing correction screen with the intention of increasing compliance in accordance with the analyzed result. Accordingly, toothbrushing behavior correction compliance can be further enhanced with a method of interactively correcting a user's toothbrushing behavior through multimedia image substances in real time, and more systematic management and health consultation are possible by building a database of information of the user's toothbrushing behavior.
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