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Programmable medical drug delivery systems and methods for delivery of multiple fluids and concentrations

A drug delivery system provides for mixing various drugs in an optimally controlled manner, for using flow controllers to guide multiple drugs into a single or into multiple catheters, for enabling a single lumen catheter to treat a specific region with several drugs, for allowing for dilution of a concentrated drug in order to both increase the time between refilling and also for providing any concentration of a drug that might be desired, for using a buffer fluid to deliver exact amounts of several drugs from the same catheter or to separate several drugs within a single catheter, for using external fluid present in the human body either as a diluent or buffer fluid, and for providing for a drug testing / filler apparatus to be used prior to implant to ensure proper function and easy means of filling multiple reservoirs with different fluids, and also after implant for refilling operations. The drug delivery system (DDS) can perform both bolus and continuous delivery of substances, and enable the measured delivery of any one of several drugs to one or more distal locations at independently programmable rates. New types of catheter systems and uses therefore are also described. Catheter hub assemblies allowing for easy replacement of drug delivery systems offer advantages when replacing drug delivery systems. New methods for using the DDS in the promotion of healthy pregnancy and treatment of a developing fetus are also possible.

Medication delivery system

A medication delivery system (20) having features of the present invention comprises a medical container (26) holding a prescribed medication (27) to be delivered to a patient, a tag 24 adapted to be worn by the patient, a handheld computing device (22), and an electronic medication delivery device (30). Data on the medication (27) is contained in a first label (28) on the medication container (27). The first label (28) also contains the instruction on how the medication is delivered to the patient, including the appropriate settings for an electronic medication delivery device for delivering the medication to the patient. Patient data is contained in a second label (29) on the tag (24) worn by the patient. The medication data, medication delivery instruction, and patient data are provided in machine readable formats. The handheld computing device (22) reads the medication data and the medication delivery instruction on the medication container (26) and the patient data on the patient tag (24). The handheld computing device (22) stores the information obtained and performs a matching check to confirm that the medication data matches with the patient data. Upon a confirmed match, it transmits the medication delivery instruction to the electronic medication delivery device (30), which downloads the instruction, programs the delivery device 30, and prompts an operator to begin delivering the medication (27) to the patient according to the downloaded instruction.
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