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Implicit rating of retrieved information in an information search system

An information retrieval system allows a user to search a database of informational items for a desired informational item, and presents the search result in the form of matching index entries in the order of relevance. The information retrieval system in accordance with the principles of the present invention assigns a relevance rating to each of the index entries without requiring an explicit input from the user with respect to the usefulness or the relevance of the retrieved information corresponding to the respective index entries. When the user selects and retrieves an informational item through a list of index entries presented by the retrieval system, as a result of a search, the relevance rating of the selected informational item is increased by a predetermined amount. The relevance rating of the selected informational item is further adjusted based on any actions the user takes subsequent to the initial selection of the informational item if the subsequent act indicates that the relevance of the selected informational item may be less than what is reflected by the rating increase by the predetermined amount. Ratings of the informational items in the database are determined from implicit suggestions from the usage of the retrieval system and the database by the user rather than from an explicit user input. In another aspect of the present invention, the ratings are allowed to decay over time to minimize the tendencies for historical usage biased rating, and to provide more temporally accurate ratings. The most recently accessed time of each of the informational items in the database is compared to a predetermined stale access time threshold, and if the most recently accessed time is older than the threshold, than the rating of the corresponding informational item is decreased to reflect the dated nature of the information contained within the item.

Slim terminal gaming system

A computer gaming system and method of operation thereof are provided that both drastically reduce the cost of gaming stations and allow contemporaneous access to multiple game programs from a single gaming station. The computer gaming system of the present invention allows for transparent modifications and upgrades to the gaming programs by executing gaming programs on a server/host computer connected to a plurality of client/terminal computers via communication pathways. Each client/terminal computer comprises a client/terminal program that allows input and output streams of the gaming program executed on the server/host computer to be separated and redirected to the client/terminal computers. Since the gaming programs are executed entirely on the server/host computer, with only wagering input and display output operations being executed on the client/terminal computers, the cost of the hardware and software required for each client/terminal computer is greatly reduced. A patron of a client/terminal computer can access any of the gaming programs executed on the server/host computer. Modifications and upgrades of the gaming programs only need to be performed on the server/host computer. By using a stereo head-mounted display together with a joystick input device and wireless communication pathways, the present invention allows a patron to participate in a mobile gaming environment.

Medication & health, environmental, and security monitoring, alert, intervention, information and network system with associated and supporting apparatuses

Systems and apparatuses include devices, biosensors, environmental sensors, security related sensors, networked products, communications processors and components, alert and information components, processors, and software to support: 1) facilitating medication regimen and patient / user health administration, dosage control, tracking, compliance, information inquiry and presentation, reminder and notification; 2) providing monitoring, information, ordering, and intervention; 3) presenting the option of leveraging the preventative care, alert and notification components with other components to facilitate user or occupant well being, along with living, work area and dwelling environmental or security safety; and 4) enhancing the dwelling, living or work area with products that may be networked to support the widespread acceptance of these systems and apparatuses. The systems include a) processing, centralizing and communicating device commands and / or programs, e.g. a multifunctional device controller; b) device administration; c) patient / user information; d) dwelling environmental safety; e) security breach information; f) centralized and remote apparatus and system activations through primary component or at least one backup.

Method and system for processing data records

Disclosed herein are various exemplary systems and methods for linking entity references to entities and identifying associations between entities. In particular, a method for identifying an entity from a plurality of entity references, each entity reference being linked with a separate ghost entity, is provided. The method comprises the steps of comparing an entity reference of a first ghost entity with an entity reference of a second ghost entity to determine a match probability between the entity reference of the first ghost entity and the entity reference of the second ghost entity, linking the entity reference of the first ghost entity additionally with the second ghost entity and the entity reference of the second ghost entity additionally with the first ghost entity when the match probability is greater than or equal to a match threshold and repeating the steps of comparing and linking for one or more ghost entity pairings possible from the ghost entities. The method further comprises determining, for one or more entity references linked to a ghost entity, a score for the entity reference based at least in part on a match probability between the entity reference and a value representing the one or more entity references linked to the ghost entity and identifying the ghost entity as an actual entity based at least in part on one or more scores for the one or more entity references linked to the ghost entity.
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