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Method and apparatus for organizing, sorting and navigating multimedia content

InactiveUS20050193015A1Information obtainMultimedia data browsing/visualisationDigital data processing detailsInformation fieldAl content
An improved method and apparatus for organizing, sorting, navigating and selecting for use, one or more multimedia content items available from one or more varied types of multimedia content sources, based on a multimedia content user's characteristics, preferences and entitlements, and multimedia content item attributes and characteristics. In a first aspect of the invention, a method and architecture (FIG. 11) are disclosed which uses an information structure hierarchy of parameter sets and included parameters and their associated information fields contained therein to facilitate identification, description, location and characterization of multimedia content items, multimedia content sources, and user characterizing information. In a second aspect of the invention, a method and architecture are disclosed for sorting multimedia content items by applying sorting criteria expressed in the type and format of the multimedia content item, multimedia content source and user identification, description, location and characteristics information (FIGS. 9, 10), at the time of content creation, distribution and delivery through a multimedia content source and at the time multimedia content is selected by a multimedia content user (FIG. 8), for the purposes of identifying and presenting those items appropriate for a particular multimedia content user. In a third aspect of the invention, a method and architecture are disclosed for displaying on a television or computer screen connected to a multimedia terminal, a plurality of video windows containing a menu and visual rendering (FIG. 12) of only those multimedia content items identified as appropriate for the particular multimedia content user, based on the sorting criteria. In a fourth aspect of the invention, a method and architecture are disclosed for navigating the plurality of display windows (FIGS. 14 through 19) for the purposes of selecting a multimedia content for use by the particular multimedia content user.

Assessment of corporate data assets

InactiveUS20100228786A1Improve corporate information technology managementDigital data processing detailsSpecial data processing applicationsData valueA-weighting
The present invention provides a data processing system and a method of assessing the data value of a data assets inventory which comprises:
    • a) preparing a data map on a computer database comprising inputting data types and data subtypes into said database, connecting a data storing location to the data subtypes and recording the data subtype occurrences in said database;
    • b) assigning a weighting to each data subtype occurrence in said database to provide a data assets inventory and recording the data assets inventory in said database;
    • c) preparing evaluation types on said database wherein the evaluation type has a calculation type attribute and wherein the evaluation type is either quantity independent or quantity dependent;
    • d) connecting at least one evaluation type to each data subtype with a reference value and recording the reference value in said database;
    • e) determining the data value of the data assets inventory and recording the data value in said database wherein when the evaluation type is quantity dependent then the value is the product of the weighting, the reference value and the quantity at the data storing location for each data subtype occurrence or wherein when the evaluation type is quantity independent then the value is the product of the weighting and the reference value for each data subtype occurrence.

Distributed Automatic Recording of Live Event

Methods and systems for processing multimedia content captured from a plurality of locations via one or more capturing devices include obtaining multimedia content from one or more capturing devices. The capturing devices identify a type of content being captured and/or location of capture. An interest type for multimedia content is obtained from a consuming user. The multimedia content from the capturing devices are searched based on the interest type of the consuming user. A subset of the multimedia content conforming to the interest type is presented in substantial real-time at the receiving devices of the consuming users. Feedback regarding the presented multimedia content is obtained from consuming users and communicated to the capturing devices in substantial real-time so as to influence future capture of multimedia content. The methods also include receiving a request for recording a live event wherein the request provides one or more recording preferences including one or more requester preferences for recording the live event. The request is dynamically matched to one or more generating users who have expressed intentions for recording the live event. The generating users are associated with one or more capturing devices that are configured to record the live event based on the recording preferences of the request. The request is then forwarded to the matched one or more generating users for recording the live event. User interactions at the recordings are monitored and fed back to the generating users for further refining the recordings.
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