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Automatic segmentation method for MRI image brain tumor based on full convolutional network

ActiveCN107220980AImprove Segmentation AccuracyImprove efficiency
The invention provides an automatic segmentation method for an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) image brain tumor based on a full convolutional network. The method comprises multi-mode MRI image preprocessing of the brain tumor, construction of a full convolutional network model, network training and parameter optimization as well as automatic segmentation of a brain tumor image, specifically, the segmentation of the MRI image brain tumor is converted into a pixel-level semantic annotation problem and differential information emphasizing different modes of MRI, two-dimensional whole slices of four modes FLAIR, T1, T1c and T2 are synthesized into a four-channel input image, the convolutional layer and the pooling layer of the trained convolutional neural network are base feature layers, three convolutional layers equal to a full connection layer are added behind the base feature layers to form a middle layer, the middle layer outputs rough segmentation images corresponding to semantic segmentation types in quantity, and a de-convolutional network is added behind the middle layer and used for interpolating the rough segmentation images to obtain a fine segmentation image having the same size as the original image. The method does not need manual intervention, effectively improves the segmentation precision and efficiency, and shortens the training time.

Capacitive flexible pressure sensor based on microstructural dielectric layers and preparation method of capacitive flexible pressure sensor

ActiveCN105865667Alow costImprove efficiency
The invention relates to a capacitive flexible pressure sensor based on microstructural dielectric layers and a preparation method of the capacitive flexible pressure sensor and belongs to the technical field of sensors. The capacitive flexible pressure sensor comprises an upper flexible substrate, a lower flexible substrate, an upper conducting layer and a lower conducting layer, wherein the upper conducting layer is attached to the inner surface of the upper flexible substrate, the lower conducting layer is attached to the inner surface of the lower flexible substrate, and the microstructural dielectric layers are arranged between the upper conducting layer and the lower conducting layer. Compared with the prior art, different microstructural dielectric layers are designed for the capacitive flexible pressure sensor, the sensor performance can be effectively regulated according to change of conditions such as shape, size, distribution and the like of each dielectric layer microstructure, and preparation of the capacitive flexible pressure sensors with different sensitivity and test ranges is realized. Besides, the microstructures prepared with methods such as microcapsule foaming, impressing, replica transfer, 3D printing and the like are low in cost, high in efficiency, low in energy consumption and particularly suitable for large-area and large-scale production, and application and popularization of the sensor are facilitated.
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