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A magnet is a material or object that produces a magnetic field. This magnetic field is invisible but is responsible for the most notable property of a magnet: a force that pulls on other ferromagnetic materials, such as iron, and attracts or repels other magnets.

Surgical stapler with magnetically secured components

A surgical stapler includes a stapler head with a stapler cartridge from which staple blanks are ejected against an anvil with grooves that bend the staple blanks into staples that hold together tissue layers interposed between the anvil and stapler cartridge. The anvil and stapler head each includes magnetic members, at least one of which is a magnet and the other of which is either another magnet or a non-magnetized magnetically permeable member. Placing the anvil and stapler head in proximity with each other causes them to be magnetically coupled together with the anvil opposing the stapler cartridge. The anvil is then locked to the stapler head mechanically so that the tissues captured therebetween can be secured together by actuating the stapler to eject staple blanks against the anvil. In another aspect of the invention, the staple cartridge is removably secured to the stapler head by a similar magnetic arrangement.

Scanning assembly for laser based bar code scanners

A laser scanning assembly for use in a host system, including a mirror support element and a permanent magnetic element supported on a flexural element made from flexible material being supported by a pair of shaft half sections forming a stationary shaft, about which an axis of rotation is formed. The mirror support element and the permanent magnetic element have first and second recesses which accommodate the width of the stationary shaft so that a mirror and permanent magnet subassembly, formed by the mirror support element and the magnetic element, is free to oscillate about the stationary shaft when an electromagnetic coil is driven by a drive circuit and generates magnetic forces that act on the permanent magnetic element.

Method and apparatus for controlling electronically commutated motor operating characteristics

A permanent magnet DC brushless motor control assembly permits a user to select the permanent magnet DC brushless motor operating characteristics by selecting appropriate control circuits to interface with the motor. The assembly includes a permanent magnet DC brushless motor, a commutator electrically coupled to the motor, and at least one control module electrically coupled to the commutator, to control operating characteristics of the permanent magnet DC brushless motor.

Secure credit card having daily changed security number

A secure credit card having daily changing security number is disclosed. The upper half portion of the secure credit card has a magnet strip and its thickness is same as a normal credit card, so it can be read by a credit-card reader. The bottom half portion of the secure credit card contains a processor, key or keypad, battery, display window and a program download port. The processor is loaded with a predetermined program so that the processor can generate date and a daily renewed security number that can be shown on the display window. The security number is the function of the date and their relationship is defined by the predetermined program. Giving a date, a corresponding security number can be generated by this predetermined program. The computer of the credit card company keeps this predetermined program and can compute the security number of the date by this predetermined program. The security number of the date computed by the credit card company is identical to the security number of the date shown on the display window of the secure credit card. So that the valid of the credit card and its transaction can be verified by the credit card company based on the cardholder's name, card number and the security number of the date. With this secure credit card, the credit card payment becomes very secure even through internet.

Methods and apparatus for controlling photoresist line width roughness

The present invention provides methods and an apparatus for controlling and modifying line width roughness (LWR) of a photoresist layer. In one embodiment, an apparatus for controlling a line width roughness of a photoresist layer disposed on a substrate includes a chamber body having a top wall, side wall and a bottom wall defining an interior processing region, a microwave power generator coupled to the to the chamber body through a waveguild, and one or more coils or magnets disposed around an outer circumference of the chamber body adjacent to the waveguide, and a gas source coupled to the waveguide through a gas delivery passageway.
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