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Interactive virtual character doll

The interactive doll simulates the character of a live person or, in other embodiments a fantasy figure or animal, in essence, simulating a living being that possesses respective human or animal qualities: displaying specific needs, tenderness, intelligence and/or understanding. The doll contains a clock or other timekeeping device and thereby knows of the time of day. It automatically enters a sleep mode at a preset sleep time during which the playtoy remains quiet, and wakens at a preset hour of the day, issuing a verbal statement to let the player know it is time to again play. By issuing a sequence of verbal requests from time to time to the player to take action of various kinds on or with the doll, determines the player's compliance or noncompliance with each such request and issues a verbal message appropriate to such compliance or non-compliance. Some of the verbal requests made are of a kind that occur at a particular time of day in the life of the character being synthesized, such as a request for a food or beverage at breakfast time, lunch time or supper time. And, from time to time at its own initiative, the playtoy may issue verbal messages of affection to the player. That doll is accompanied by external objects that simulate a variety of foods, a beverage, medicine and the like, which the doll is to be applied by the player to the doll pursuant to specific verbal requests from the doll and the doll is able to identify those objects for enhanced interactive play with the player.

Method of monitoring link performance and diagnosing active link state in ethernet passive optical network

Provided is a method of monitoring link performance and diagnosing an active link state without interrupting traffic in an Ethernet passive optical network (EPON) while the link is in the active state. The method of monitoring link performance and diagnosing an active link state without interrupting data flow to logic links which are in active states in the EPON, includes: a) allowing an operator of the EPON to select a link performance monitoring function or a link active state diagnosing function; b-1) if the link performance monitoring function is selected, setting a monitoring cycle timer and periodically transmitting a performance information request frame from a local node to a remote node; b-2) if the remote node receives the performance information request frame, collecting corresponding link performance information and transmitting a response frame from the remote node to the local node in a format which is predetermined in accordance with a corresponding frame format; b-3) if the local node receives the response frame from the remote node, analyzing the performance information of the response frame and determining whether the link performance has deteriorated or if a failure has occurred in the local node; b-4) if the deterioration of the link function or the degree of the failure reaches a predetermined threshold, reporting to an upper layer that a failure has occurred.
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