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Server for updating location beacon database

A location beacon database and server, method of building location beacon database, and location based service using same. Wi-Fi access points are located in a target geographical area to build a reference database of locations of Wi-Fi access points. At least one vehicle is deployed including at least one scanning device having a GPS device and a Wi-Fi radio device and including a Wi-Fi antenna system. The target area is traversed in a programmatic route to avoid arterial bias. The programmatic route includes substantially all drivable streets in the target geographical area and solves an Eulerian cycle problem of a graph represented by said drivable streets. While traversing the target area, periodically receive the GPS coordinates of the GPS device. While traversing the target area, detecting Wi-Fi signals from Wi-Fi access points in range of the Wi-Fi device and recording identity information of the detected Wi-Fi access point in conjunction with GPS location information of the vehicle when the detection of the Wi-Fi access point was made. The location information is used to reverse triangulate the position of the detected Wi-Fi access point; and the position of the detected access point is recorded in a reference database. A user-device having a Wi-Fi radio may be located. A reference database of calculated locations of Wi-Fi access points in a target area is provided. In response to a user application request to determine a location of a user-device having a Wi-Fi radio, the Wi-Fi device is triggered to transmit a request to all Wi-Fi access points within range of the Wi-Fi device. Messages are received from the Wi-Fi access points within range of the Wi-Fi device, each message identifying the Wi-Fi access point sending the message. The signal strength of the messages received by the Wi-Fi access points is calculated. The reference database is accessed to obtain the calculated locations for the identified Wi-Fi access points. Based on the number of Wi-Fi access points identified via received messages, choosing a corresponding location-determination algorithm from a plurality of location-determination algorithms, said chosen algorithm being suited for the number of identified Wi-Fi access points. The calculated locations for the identified Wi-Fi access points and the signal strengths of said received messages and the chosen location-determination algorithm are used to determine the location of the user-device. The database may be modified with newly added position information to improve quality of previously determined positions, and error prone information is avoided.

System and method for processing and tracking telecommunications service orders

A system and method for tracking and processing Service Orders for a telecommunications company. Workflows are used to model business procedures used for processing Service Orders. Each Workflow comprises a plurality of Workflow steps. Business process models are depicted as Workflow diagrams. The Workflow diagrams are stored in a library in a database. Work plans comprising a plurality of Workflow steps and associated data and are derived from information found in the Workflow diagrams. Upon receipt of a Service Order, an appropriate work plan is selected based on information within the Service Order. Each Workflow step is assigned a resource and is scheduled for completion with a start and a stop date and placed in the in-boxes associated with the selected resource. Users log-on to remote workstations coupled with a company-wide Intranet or the like. From the remote workstations, users from various organizations view their in-boxes and other information about current Service Orders. Such information includes detailed information about the Service Orders including, progress data, current, future and past Workflow step data, responsible groups, computer systems and organizations, whether schedules are maintained, and whether jeopardy points have been missed. If a Service Order is delayed, users can immediately determine information about the delay and take corrective action before it becomes critical. Workflow steps can be transferred and re-assigned using the remote workstations. Detailed statistical information is maintained for audit and reporting purposes. Reports reflecting the effectiveness of workforce management and work administration is obtained.

Pre-processor for inbound sales order requests with link to a third party available to promise (ATP) system

A method and apparatus for pre-processing electronic data requests within the EDI subsystem layer and within the order fulfillment application system. An order interceptor, third-party Available To Promise (ATP) interface, pseudo-sales order workbench, and the reject acknowledgment system processes are provided within the order fulfillment application system to accomplish the pre-processing. The order interceptor performs an asynchronous availability check before a sales order is posted. The result of the ATP check is stored in an ESO, and is applied during the posting process with unique user exits. The result of the ATP check is also used to determine key information about the sales order, such as the sales organization, and division and distribution channels. The pre-processor uses business rules to determine if the ESO should be split into multiple documents for requests satisfied across multiple sales areas. The Workbench provides a customer purchase order view of the ESO that looks, feels and behaves like actual order entry screens. The Workbench also displays messages generated from the pre-processor describing why the ESO was held for review. After the condition is corrected the Workbench re-executes the ESO pre-processor. This continues until all messages are corrected or marked reviewed. The supplier can decide to either accept the request, reject the request or accept individual line items.
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