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Preparation method of high-performance superlow-palladium-capacity anode electrocatalyst Pd-CoP/C of direct formic acid fuel cell

The invention relates to a preparation method of a high-performance superlow-palladium-capacity anode electrocatalyst Pd-CoP/C of a direct formic acid fuel cell and belongs to the technical field of fuel cells. The preparation method comprises the following steps: dispersing a carrier and cobalt chloride hexahydrate in water, drying to obtain a first compound carrier by distillation after ultrasonic dispersing and stirring; mixing and grinding the first compound carrier and hydrated sodium hypophosphite for one-hour reaction, and washing and drying the reactant to obtain a second compound carrier; dispersing the second compound carrier in glycol, adding hexachloropalladate, and performing ultrasonic dispersing and stirring to obtain a first turbid liquid; stirring the first turbid liquid at the room temperature, and regulating the pH value with sodium hydroxide to obtain a second turbid liquid; performing microwave radiation on the second turbid liquid, and obtaining a supported palladium catalyst. The palladium-based catalyst prepared by the method has extremely high catalytic activity and relatively high stability to formic acid electro-oxidation. Meanwhile, the capacity of the precious metal palladium can be reduced, and the method is simple to operate, short in preparation period and suitable for mass production.

High-efficiency ore cleaning, grinding and smashing integrated device

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The invention discloses a high-efficiency ore cleaning, grinding and crushing integrated device, which includes an inlet pipe, a cleaning tank, a box body, a sieve plate, a dryer, a collecting bucket, a mill, a return pipe, a solid pump, a fan, and a crude ore outlet Pipe and crusher, the top of the cleaning tank is provided with an inlet pipe, the cleaning tank is connected to the crusher through a feeding pipe, a sieve plate is installed on the inside of the box, a crude ore export pipe is provided on one side of the box, and the bottom of the sieve plate There is a collection hopper, the lower surface of the collection hopper is provided with a dryer, the inner wall of the box is provided with a fan, the bottom of the collection hopper is connected to the inlet end of the mill, the outlet end of the mill is provided with an outlet pipe, and a filter is installed obliquely inside the outlet pipe. The bottom of the cabinet is provided with an inclined guide plate, and the lowest end of the inclined guide plate is provided with an outlet pipe. The invention is convenient for crushing, avoids dust outside the ore from affecting the detection result, facilitates detection of the content of each substance in the ore, ensures the accuracy of the detection result, has a simple structure, is convenient to use, and is beneficial to popularization.
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