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Graphical tuning bar for a multi-program data stream

A computer based graphical user interface for facilitating the selection and display of transmitted audio, video and data includes a main menu state with a first multi-segment display having an active video / audio segment and a tuning segment. The active video segment displays a currently tuned program and the tuning segment includes an elongated graphic bar. The elongated graphic bar is dynamically sub-divided into a plurality of contiguous regions so that each of the regions uniquely corresponds to a program parsed from a multi-program data stream. The tuning segment also includes a graphic slider that overlays the graphic bar and that is movable along the length of the graphic bar so that the currently tuned program corresponds to the portion of the graphic bar underlying the current position of the graphic slider.

Medical devices for minimally invasive surgeries and other internal procedures

InactiveUS20060020167A1Minimize unnecessary damageImprove eyesightSuture equipmentsSurgical needlesForcepsReoperative surgery
Minimally invasive surgical devices and related tools are provided. The devices include image acquisition devices and forceps, scissors, clamps, ultrasound probes, lasers, cautery devices, staplers, knives, suturing devices, rivet drivers, ligation devices, aspiration devices, injection devices, biopsy devices, radiotherapy devices; and radioactive emitter loading devices. Other devices useful for internal procedures in a patient's body or for facilitating such procedures are also provided.

Intelligent network

In a telecommunications switching network having a resource complex including network switches, an intelligent service platform for providing intelligent call processing and service execution for call events received at the switches and requiring call processing services. A centralized administration system is provided that comprises a system for storing one or more reusable business objects that each encapsulate a distinct call-processing function, and any associated data required by the business object; a system for distributing selected business objects and associated data to selected nodes in the switching network based on pre-determined node configuration criteria; and, a system for activating the business objects in preparation for real-time use. A computing platform is provided within each node for executing those business objects required to perform a service in accordance with an event received at the network switch. Also within a node is a storage and retrieval system for sorting and retrieving selected objects and any associated data distributed by the administration system, and making them locally available to the computing platform when required to perform a service. An underlying location-independent communication system is provided to coordinate interaction of one or more business objects to perform the service in response to needs of the received event.

Floorboards, flooring systems and methods for manufacturing and installation thereof

ActiveUS20040139678A1Increase wear resistanceCost reductionStrutsWallsMechanical engineeringFloating floor
Floorboards with a format corresponding to a traditional parquet block for laying of mechanically joined floating flooring. Rectangular floorboards include a surface layer and a core with two long sides and two short sides, for making a floating flooring, which floorboards are mechanically lockable and which along their four sides have pairs of opposing connectors for locking similar, adjoining floorboards to each other both vertically and horizontally wherein the long sides have a length not exceeding 80 cm and the short sides have a width not exceeding 10 cm.

Catalysis and micro-electrolysis combined technology for high-concentration refractory organic wastewater

The invention relates to a catalysis and micro-electrolysis combined technology for high-concentration refractory organic wastewater; the organic wastewater is collected to an adjusting tank and enters an air floatation tank for air floatation treatment to remove part of the organic matters after the adjustment of water volume and water quality; the scruff is collected or recovered; the wastewatergoes through Ph adjustment and then enters a catalytic iron-carbon and micro-electrolysis unit to improve the biochemical quality; the effluent goes through Ph adjustment and then enters a sedimentation tank; the effluent of the sedimentation tank adopts anoxic-aerobic biochemistry treatment to remove the organic matters and ammonia nitrogen and then is emitted after reaching the standard; and the filler of the catalytic iron-carbon and micro-electrolysis unit comprises iron, carbon and a catalyst, wherein the mass ratio of the iron, carbon and catalyst is 1: (0.3-1.5): (0.01-0.5). The invention can effectively improve the micro-electrolysis electrochemical reaction efficiency and the degrading capability to the organic matters, and reduce the wastewater treatment cost with convenient technological operation.

System and method for predicting network performance and position location using multiple table lookups

This invention provides a system and method for the design, prediction, and control of wireless communication networks by combining RF channel data from multiple lookup tables, each of which correlates an RF channel characteristic to some higher order network performance metric. Network performance predictions, and resulting network control instructions, are produced from look-up tables of measured or predicted data relating one or more RF channel characteristics to one or more network performance metrics. These lookup tables are uniquely constructed by site-specific location, technology, wireless standard, or equipment types.

Washable wearable biosensor

A washable, wearable biosensor that can gather sensor data, communicate the sensed data by wireless protocols, and permits the analysis of sensed data in real-time as a person goes about their normal lifestyle activities. The biosensor can be worn in multiple positions, can be put on or removed quickly without having to apply or remove gels and adhesives, and provides a snug, comfortable fit to gather data with minimal motion artifacts. The textile, wearable device can support integrated photoplethysmography, skin conductance, motion, and temperature sensors in a small wearable package. The supported sensors may be coupled to utilization devices by channel-sharing wireless protocols to enable the transmission of data from multiple users and multiple sensors (e.g. both sides of body, wrists or hands and feet, or multiple people). An on-board processor, or the receiving utilization device, can map patterns of the physiological and motion data to signals or alerts such as a likely seizure, drug craving, or other states that the wearer may exhibit or experience. The sensor data may be sent by wireless transmission and received by a mobile phone or other personal digital device, a computer, a favorite toy, or another wearable device. The sensors may include multiple photoplethysmographs and / or one or more EDAs which perform a time-domain measurement of skin conductance

Osteoimplant and method of making same

An osteoimplant is provided which comprises a coherent aggregate of elongate bone particles, the osteoimplant possessing predetermined dimensions and shape. The osteoimplant is highly absorbent and sponge-like in nature. Also provided herein are a method of fabricating the osteoimplant and a method of repairing and / or treating bone defects utilizing the osteoimplant.

Modular parallel-pipelined vision system for real-time video processing

A real-time modular video processing system (VPS) which can be scaled smoothly from relatively small systems with modest amounts of hardware to very large, very powerful systems with significantly more hardware. The modular video processing system includes a processing module containing at least one general purpose microprocessor which controls hardware and software operation of the video processing system using control data and which also facilitates communications with external devices. One or more video processing modules are also provided, each containing parallel pipelined video hardware which is programmable by the control data to provide different video processing operations on an input stream of video data. Each video processing module also contains one or more connections for accepting one or more daughterboards which each perform a particular image processing task. A global video bus routes video data between the processing module and each video processing module and between respective processing modules, while a global control bus provides the control data to / from the processing module from / to the video processing modules separate from the video data on the global video bus. A hardware control library loaded on the processing module provides an application programming interface including high level C-callable functions which allow programming of the video hardware as components are added and subtracted from the video processing system for different applications.
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