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Osteoimplant and method of making same

An osteoimplant is provided which comprises a coherent aggregate of elongate bone particles, the osteoimplant possessing predetermined dimensions and shape. The osteoimplant is highly absorbent and sponge-like in nature. Also provided herein are a method of fabricating the osteoimplant and a method of repairing and / or treating bone defects utilizing the osteoimplant.

Intervertebral implant

InactiveUS20050085917A1Reduce overall structural heightEasily insertSurgeryJoint implantsVertebraBiomedical engineering
In an intervertebral implant, having an upper part that has a support face for a vertebra and a lower part that has a support face for an adjacent vertebra, on each of which parts engagement elements, which are accessible from one side of the intervertebral implant, for a manipulation instrument are disposed, in order to minimize the structural height of the intervertebral implant upon insertion into an intervertebral space, it is proposed that the upper part and lower part each have protrusions and recesses aimed at the respectively other part, which are offset laterally from one another in such a way that when the upper part has been brought close to the lower part they mesh with one another; and that the engagement elements on the upper part and on the lower part are each disposed in protrusions of these parts in such a way that the engagement elements of the upper part and lower part are located side by side and at least partly overlap in the direction of the height of the intervertebral implant.

Bone fixation device for surgical operation, cutting device and band head for the same

Provided is a bone fixation band which can be easily handled, enables to securely fasten the bone, and also to prevent the post-operative inconveniences by forming the head part as thin as possible. The band head of the bone fixation device is constituted of a plate being bent in roughly an N-letter shape. The plate comprises three through-holes arranged in the extended direction of the band. The band is passed through into the through-hole just like sawing and then is folded back to pass through again into the through-hole and fixed. A sharp and curved needle is provided at the tip of the band for easily being set around the bone to be a fixation target and also for making a hole in the bone so that the band can be easily passed through.

Tape drive and printing apparatus

A tape drive for use in for example a transfer printing apparatus to drive a printer ribbon. The printer ribbon is mounted on two spools each of which is driven by a respective stepper motor. A controller controls the energization of the motor such that the ribbon is transported in at least one direction between spools mounted on the spool support. The controller is operative to energize both motors to drive the spools of ribbon in the direction of ribbon transport to achieve push-pull operations. Ribbon tension is monitored to enable accurate control of ribbon supply and ribbon take-up, the ribbon tension being monitored, for example, by monitoring power supply to the two stepper motors.

Laryngoscope blade

A laryngoscope blade for detachably connecting to a handle has a rigid skeleton to resist deformation or breakage. The blade includes a first end and a second opposite end. The first end is connectable to the handle. The second end is insertable through a patient's mouth and down the throat and / or hypopharynx to expose the voice box. A light conductor extends through the blade and transmits light from the handle to the second end. The blade has first and second surfaces extending between the first and second ends. The first surface faces and effectively diverts a patient's tongue when the second end is inserted into the patient's mouth and throat. A resilient cushion extends from the second surface. The cushion is supple and deformable to absorb pressure exerted on the cushion by inadvertent contact with the teeth while being inserted in the patient's mouth and throat. The cushion includes an outer skin with a relatively low coefficient of friction. The cushion helps to prevent or minimize accidental damage to the teeth with no restriction on the insertion of the blade.

Tree pole coupler system

A coupler system for use in assembling artificial tree trunks or poles. In particular, the coupler system includes a first part having a cone-shaped end and carrying a wedge-shaped groove parallel to its axis, which is insertable into a second part that is formed as a pair of concentric cylinders. The inner of these cylinders receives the first part of the coupler system and includes a bulge parallel to its axis that aligns with the wedge-shaped groove of the first part when the two are fitted together. Preferably, the end of the first part opposite the cone-shaped end is dimensioned to fit into a first tubular segment that stands as a surrogate for a tree trunk. Additionally, the outer of the concentric cylinders is dimensioned to receive a second tubular segment.

Inflatable apparatus for accessing body cavity and methods of making

Apparatus is provided for accessing a body cavity comprising a tubular member having a deflated insertion configuration and an inflated expanded configuration that facilitates viewing within the body cavity. The apparatus is formed by everting a length of material upon itself to form a tube having a single circumference seam at the distal end, and includes an inflation tube that is sufficiently rigid to assist in inserting the tubular member into a body cavity in the deflated insertion configuration. The tubular member further includes a pattern of staggered contact areas that configured so as to avoid the creation of longitudinal features that preferentially bend when loaded, thereby ensuring that tubular member provides a substantially circular central lumen.

Drainage catheter with pig-tail straightener

A drainage catheter, including a catheter tube body that can have a pig-tail loop in a distal end, a rigid member configured to be placed inside of the catheter, a pig-tail straightening sleeve configured to move axially along the tube body, the sleeve having a lip formed on an end of the sleeve, the lip being configured to be positioned towards the distal end of the tube body, thereby straightening the catheter tube body and facilitating entry of the rigid member into the catheter tube body when the pig-tail straightening sleeve is positioned to straighten the catheter tube body.

Apparatus, system, and method for treating atypical headaches

An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for facilitating intranasal administration of a medication to a patient's sphenopalatine / pterygopalatine recess. The apparatus includes a catheter having a lumen disposed therethrough, the catheter comprising an insertion end and a manipulation end, the insertion end having an intrinsic curvature with respect to a longitudinal axis of the catheter such that the insertion end of the catheter lies in a first plane and the manipulation end lies in a second plane, wherein the catheter smoothly transitions between the first plane and the second plane, the intrinsic curvature conforming to a patients nasal anatomy such that the catheter may be inserted into a sphenopalatine / pterygopalatine recess. The apparatus also includes a straightening member configured to removably engage the catheter. The straightening member straightens the intrinsic curvature such that the first plane and the second plane are aligned when the catheter is engaged by the straightening member.

Implant capable of forming a differential image in an eye and methods of inserting and locating same

An implant capable of forming a differential image in an eye is shown. The implant comprises an elongated member having a pair of spaced ends wherein one of the pair of ends includes a distal section that extends in a direction substantially parallel to the central axis. The elongated member and the distal section are formed of a dimension to be inserted into and / or passed through a punctum opening of an eye and into the canaliculus. The implant incorporates into at least one of the elongated member and the distal section an energy obstructing material responsive to the application of an energy wave, such as an energy wave in the form of sound waves vibrating at frequencies greater than 20,000 cycles per second or electromagnetic radiation, which upon everting of an eyelid of an eye and exposing the implant to an appropriate energy wave, forms a differential image pattern showing the location of the implant in the eye. Methods for treating an external eye condition due to a deficiency of tears and for locating an implant in the canaliculus of an eye using the implant capable of forming a differential image is also shown.

Retainer with band clip and cable holder

A one-piece retainer has a base with an integral band clip and a fastener for securing an electrical cable or wire harness to a vehicle component, as well as a pair of arms for supporting another cable or a hose on the component. The base has a cradle extending along a length of the base. The arms extend from each end of the base outward from the cradle. The arms have curved sections creating interior spaces aligned with and spaced away from the cradle. Ledges extend from the base opposite each arm, forming an opening to each interior space between the ledge and a tapered edge of the curved section of the arm. The openings face in opposite directions. A cable or hose is twisted or turned relative to the base such that part of the cable or hose can be rested on the ledges in alignment with each opening. Then the cable or hose is twisted or turned back and inserted or snapped into the interior of each arm to seat along the cradle. The arms resiliently clasp the cable or hose in the cradle.

Pulling Grips for Installing a Fiber Optic Assembly

Pulling grips for installing a fiber optic assembly are disclosed. The pulling grip includes a pulling grip housing for receiving part of a fiber optic assembly therein. The pulling grip may also include a pulling grip sleeve and / or pulling sock. In one embodiment, the pulling grip housing has a friction fit with the pulling grip sleeve when assembled, thereby inhibiting rotation therebetween. Consequently, the friction fit advantageously inhibits twisting of the fiber optic assembly when installing the same using the pulling grip. In this manner, the pulling grip housing can easily be insert into the pulling grip sleeve and removed when pulling of a fiber optic assembly is completed. The pulling grip housing, pulling grip sleeve, and / or pulling sock may also be reused for pulling other fiber optic assemblies.

Inter dental tooth cleaner and delivery device

An inter dental device which is a tooth cleaner and gum massager which cleans the area between anterior and posterior teeth, comprising a handle and a stem and flanges and a tip which is grooved or twisted in a spiral pattern, and the flanges extending from a central stem are arranged in a spiral pattern which is continuous with the spiral pattern of the grooves of the tip. This device also may serve as a delivery device which holds and delivers substances to the area between teeth, and does not remove said substances as the device is withdrawn.

Tow clip

A tow clip (10) for quickly and easily connecting a towable vehicle to a tow rope, the tow clip having a base portion (12), a head portion (14), and a T-shaped slot (16) extending through the head portion (14) and into a portion of the base portion (12). The T-shaped slot (16) is configured to receive a loop of a strap connected to a towable vehicle and is further configured to allow a loop of rope to pass through it. The head portion (14) is configured so that a tow rope can be attached to the tow clip (10) by passing a loop of the rope through the T-shaped slot and separating the loop and bringing the loop over and around the head portion. When tension is applied to the distal end of the rope, the head portion (14) engages the rope thereby preventing the loop from passing back over and around the head portion (14) and through the T-shaped slot (16).

Streptococcus pneumoniae knockout mutants

91 genes have been identified in Streptococcus pneumoniae that, when knocked out, result in a lethal phenotype. A further 10 genes have been identified that, when knocked out, result in poor growth characteristics when cultured in the absence of blood. These 101 genes are essential to bacterial growth and are thus useful antibiotic targets. Their invention includes knockout mutants for these 101 genes and screening methods involving the protein products of the 101 genes.

Lock Mechanism for a Dispenser, Roll of Material and End Plug Therefor, and Method for Inserting a Roll of Material Into Such Lock Mechanism

A lock mechanism for a dispenser in combination with an exchangeable roll of material is provided, wherein the roll includes at least one end plug with a bearing pin for mounting the roll to the lock mechanism. The lock mechanism comprises a lock housing with a guide slot for insertion of the bearing pin. The guide slot has a first section with a first width and a second section with a second width which is smaller than the first width. First and second sections are arranged in a direction perpendicular to the longitudinal extension of the guide slot and in a longitudinal direction of the bearing pin. A sliding element is mounted to the lock housing and movable between a first position closing or narrowing the width of the guide slot and a second position opening the guide slot. A lock element is mounted to the sliding element and is rotationally movable about an axis of rotation between a locked position and an unlocked position. The lock element has an engagement portion which, in a locked position, is engaged with a locking geometry of the lock housing.

Recombinant avian adenovirus vector

This invention relates to a recombinant vector comprising a recombinant avian adenovirus incorporating, and capable of expression of at least one heterologous nucleotide sequence. The nucleotide sequence is preferably one which encodes an antigenic determinate of infectious bursal disease virus. The invention further relates to a method of production of recombinant vectors, to methods of preparation of vaccines based on the vectors, to administration strategies and to methods of protecting poultry from disease.

Plastic bag designed for dispensing

A stand-alone dispensable bag and method for packaging prescription drugs, cosmetics, and small objects wherein the bag comprises a bag made of plastic. The bag has tear-off perforations so that the bag can be removed from a dispenser. The bag has a slit above the tear-off perforations so that the bag can be hung on hooks. The bag has a bottom gusset so that the bag can open flat on the bottom.


A connector capable of being fitted to a partner connector is provided with a lock member, a solenoid having a plunger, a restriction member having a restricting part, and a restricted part. In a fitted state in which the connector and the partner connector are fitted to each other, the lock member engages the partner connector and locks the two connectors into a fitted state. The solenoid drives the plunger between a restriction position and a release position. The restriction member is movably supported by the plunger. The restricted part receives the restricting part when the plunger is driven into the restriction position. When the plunger is in the restriction position, movement of the restricted part is restricted by the restricting part, and thereby the restricted part directly or indirectly prevents release of the fitted state.

Chewable tooth paste tablet

The present invention is a method of brushing teeth consisting of the steps of placing a tooth cleansing tablet into the user's month, chewing the tablet into a paste and then manually brushing the teeth with the paste using a tooth brush. The tooth cleansing tablet consists of a quantity of tooth powder formed into a firm tablet. The tablet is dimensioned and configured to be easily inserted into the mouth and broken up into a paste by chewing.

Block programmable priority encoder in a CAM

A priority encoder (PE) for a CAM, comprising a plurality of PE blocks, each receiving a plurality of match results corresponding to data entries in a corresponding data array block and, for determining an address of a highest priority data entry based on a physical location in the data array block during a CAM search-and-compare operation a register for storing a user defined priority value assigned to each PE block and means for evaluating priority values and the address determined by the plurality of PE blocks to select a PE block having the highest priority data entry.

Cutting needle for urological and other surgical procedures

A cutting needle assembly for making a percutaneous incision in a living body such as that required for supra-pubic catheterization. The cutting needle of the assembly consists of a hollow beveled tip needle shaft with a surgical blade suitably attached thereto at a distance proximal from the beveled tip, the blade extending radially outward from the needle shaft and extending along a length thereof, for use in creating cuts in tissue adjacent the needle to provide an opening of larger size than the needle puncture for the insertion of other medical instruments including dilators and catheters.

Bearing structure for vehicle pedal device and flanged bushing

InactiveUS20170227047A1Abnormal noise be generateEasily insertControlling membersShaftsEngineeringMechanical engineering
Bearing structure of a pedal device, wherein a support member having a cylindrical outer peripheral surface is fixedly attached to a pedal bracket to be substantially horizontal, a boss of a pivot member radially outside the support member via a pair of flanged bushings each made of resin and having a flange portion at one end of a cylindrical portion so the boss turns about an axis, both axial ends of the flanged bushing cylindrical portion closely contact the boss inner peripheral surface; the flanged bushing cylindrical portion have, in intermediate portion, in an axial direction, a narrow portion having both inner and outer peripheral surfaces reduced in diameter so the narrow portion is curved inward in radial direction; the narrow portion smallest inside diameter being smaller than the support member outside diameter having interference; at least the narrow portion smallest diameter portion of elastically closely contact the support member outer peripheral surface.

Fastener for elongated component

A fastener for securing pipes or wire bundles to a foundation structure, the fastener including a body a separate pipe or wire clamp. The body has a clamp holder for receiving and holding the clamp. The clamp holder receives the clamp with a gap allowing the clamp to vibrate. Leaf springs are formed on the side walls of the clamp holder to resiliently support the side wall of the clamp within the clamp holder. Second leaf springs with anti-release pawls are formed on the bottom of the clamp, and second leaf spring receiving grooves are formed in the bottom of the clamp holder to resiliently engage the second leaf springs and anti-release pawls. Third leaf springs are formed on the bottom of the clamp, and third leaf spring receiving grooves are formed on the bottom of the clamp holder to resiliently engage the third leaf springs.

Shoehorn identification tag

InactiveUS20180092482A1Easily attach to propertyEasily insertStampsApparel holdersEngineeringHeel
A combination of identification tag and shoehorn which combine a device for helping put on shoes and identification indicia within the unitary tag. The device comprises of a smooth curved implement of a material of relatively thin dimensions that is inserted into a heel of a shoe to ease the foot into and make it slip on more easily and also of a carved space to attach a tag with a name and address of an individual. The carved space is allowing easy removal or insertion of an identification tag by the user under the carved transparent window.

Liquid illuminator and assembly thereof

An illuminator (20) and a liquid container assembly including the illuminator are disclosed. The illuminator (20) includes a light source (24), a power source and a coupling portion (22). The coupling portion (22) is flexibly compressible such that the illuminator (20) is easily inserted and secured within a space of a suitable size provided on the surface of the liquid container. The illuminator (20) can be used in combination with various liquid container such as drinking glass or liquid bottle to provide illumination to the liquid in the container.

Plastic bag and method

A system and method for preparing a plastic bag especially useful for carrying electronic products by extruding spaced apart ribs onto the interior surfaces so that the bag volume is greater, so that a greater amount of VCI or anti-static material can be carried in the bag volume and providing greater surface area for outgassing of the VCI into the bag interior. The ribs also facilitate insertion of items into the bag and prevent clinging of the bag interior surface to flat portions of the product carried therein.

Disposable animal waste cleaning device and method of making

InactiveUS20050006914A1Easily insertImprove and simplifyRoad cleaningOther apparatusAnimal waste
An improved disposable combination animal waste pickup device and bag for sanitary pickup and disposal of animal waste has a first pickup portion formed from a cut-out blank, folded and sealed to a second holding portion, such as a bag, whereby animal waste may be picked up by the first pickup portion and sealingly held in the bag. The first pickup portion also includes a handle that is grasped by a user to cause the first pickup portion and bag to fold into each other so as to prevent leakage or loss of any waste in the bag.

Software control flow watermarking

The present invention is a system and method of software control flow watermarking including the steps of obtaining a program for protection, generating at least one watermark value using a formula or process from an external file, and placing the at least one watermark value in CASE values of the program. The system and method may further include determining the at least one watermark value by a formula with at least one variable. The formula may also contain a variable from outside of the program. The system may also stop the program if the variable from outside of the program is incorrect.

Modular expandable display case

InactiveUS20050263473A1Easily insertEasily inserted into display caseShow cabinetsFolding cabinetsEngineeringMechanical engineering
A display case includes at least one L shaped bottom member having a bottom and an upstanding back along with an L shaped top member having a top and a depending back. A tongue is disposed on an edge of one of the backs and a groove is disposed on an edge of another of the backs for coupling the backs to one another. Back extensions are provided in order to extend a distance between the top and bottom upon assembly of the bottom member, top member and the back extension. End caps and end cap extensions are configured for engaging the bottom and top for closing ends of the bottom member and the top member.
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