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Disposable automatic safety circular anastomat

The invention discloses a disposable automatic safety circular anastomat, which relates to a circular anastomat provided with an automatic safety device. The invention belongs to a surgical operation instrument, and is particularly suitable for end-to-end, end-to-side and side-to-side cutting, sealing and stump cut anastomosis in alimentary tract operation of the esophagus, the stomach, the intestinal tract and the like. The disposable automatic safety circular anastomat comprises a nail butting seat component, a nail compartment component, an aluminum bended pipe, a bended push rod component, a movable handle component, a regulation screw nut component, an automatic safety device and a fixed handle component, wherein the bended push rod component comprises a bended push rod, a guide shaft, a connecting sheet, a lead screw, a regulation block, a regulation screw and a press sheet, the bended push rod component is sheathed and arranged in the aluminum bended pipe, the nail compartment component comprises a nail compartment sleeve, a nail compartment, a nail pushing sheet and an annular cutter, the nail butting seat assembly comprises a nail butting seat, a jump ring pipe, a jump ring and a nail butting seat cover, and the automatic safety device comprises a safety positioning plate, a safety positioning plate reset spring, a safety positioning plate reset spring pin, an indication block, an indication block transmission plate, an indication block transmission reset spring and an indication block transmission plate positioning pin.
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