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Gaming machine

A gaming machine has a symbol display arrangement that displays a variation action of a variable plurality of symbols that are necessary for playing a game. A predictive display arrangement performs a predictive display that informs the player of the likelihood of the appearance of a specific symbol display state when the variation action is stopped. A determination whether or not the symbol variation action is to be stopped with the appearance thereon of the specific symbol display state is made by a controller that also determines which predictive display mode from among a plurality of predetermined predictive display modes is to be displayed. In one embodiment, the controller controls the predictive display arrangement so that the probability of the appearance of a specific symbol display state is changeable in conjunction with the change in the game with the passage of time. The player will expect the appearance of the predictive display having a high likelihood, and therefore the player's expectation of the appearance of the specific symbol display state can be sustained from the start of the variation display to the stopping thereof. The player's expectation for the "big hit" is enhanced by changing the predictive display in which the likelihood of the "big hit" is increased.

Asynchronous transcription object management system

Described herein is a system for executing distributed transactions. A coordinator and one or more participants cooperate to execute a distributed transaction, the distributed transaction including for each participant a transaction executed by the participant. To manage the transaction, the coordinator and the participant communicate over a network using, for example, a stateless protocol. Before each participant commits the transaction, the participants determine that the coordinator has committed the transaction. The coordinator commits the transaction after receiving acknowledgment from all the participants that they will commit the transaction. To determine whether the coordinator has committed the transaction, a participant transmits a message to the coordinator to acknowledge that it will commit the distributed transaction. The participant commits its respective transaction if it receives an acknowledgement from the coordinator. For the particular transaction being executed by a participant, the participant prevents other transactions from modifying a data item affected by the particular transaction. The participant will prevent such modifications until termination criteria for the particular transaction is satisfied, in which case the participant terminates the transaction.

Recommendation Systems

This invention deals with recommendation systems. The first embodiment is an off-the-shelf recommendation system is described, where it is easy to integrate with the website database and uses a web service for recommendations, as well as easy to integrate with email. The system receives client ID, item ID and user ID, and returns recommended item IDs. The recommendations include similar items, related items, related users, items likely to be acted upon by a given user (labeled likely items), and users likely to act upon an item (labeled likely users). The recommendations include categorical training, where recommended items are based upon similar categories, where the category types include as product type and brand. The recommendations include similar-to-related training, where similar items are used to find related items. These two intelligent methods work for items with no, few or numerous actions.
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