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Platform link wrist mechanism

The present invention provides a robotic surgical tool for use in a robotic surgical system to perform a surgical operation. The robotic surgical tool includes a wrist mechanism disposed near the distal end of a shaft which connects with an end effector. The wrist mechanism includes a distal member configured to support the end effector, and a plurality of rods extending generally along an axial direction within the shaft and movable generally along this axial direction to adjust the orientation of the distal member with respect to the shaft. Advancement or retraction of a first rod generally along the axial direction tips the base through a first angle. The addition of a second angle allows the distal member to direct the end effector in essentially a compound angle. The robotic surgical tool may also include provisions for roll movement.

Surgical stapler with universal articulation and tissue pre-clamp

A tool assembly for a surgical stapling device includes a channel member for supporting a staple cartridge therein and an anvil to deform a plurality of staples ejected from the staple cartridge thereagainst. The tool assembly also includes a sled which is movable to force the staples from the cartridge against the anvil to staple tissue disposed between the anvil and the staple cartridge. A dynamic clamping member is included which has a pin which movably engages the anvil and a flange which movably engages the channel assembly. The dynamic clamping member is mounted to and movable with the sled. The pin and the flange of the dynamic clamping member cooperating to oppose the forces associated with clamping and stapling tissue and also to maintain a substantially uniform gap between the anvil and the staple cartridge during stapling of the tissue.
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