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Automatic original-glass fetching manipulator of automobile glass pre-treatment production line

The invention relates to an automatic loading machine hand of car glass pre-treatment production lines, comprising a driving mechanism platform, a grabbing arm and a sense touch mechanism, an arm rotary mechanism and a rising and falling buffering mechanism; wherein, the driving mechanism platform is arranged on the rising and falling buffering mechanism which consists of 3 three-foot single-leg frames; the grabbing arm and the sense touch mechanism are connected with a rotation axis of the arm rotary mechanism. The invention has the advantages that the rising and falling movements along a Z shaft direction are carried out by using a dual action cylinder to drive the driving mechanism platform to move from left to right along an X shaft direction, when rising, the grabbing glass is lifted by 300mm so as to separate glass on a stacking frame and avoid a ledge on the stacking frame; when falling, the grabbing glass is led to fall by 300mm to put the glass on a conveyer moving in a Y shaft direction; the device is delicate and aesthetic in shape, and small in occupation space; the design concept is innovative, novel, practical and prospective; the structure is simple; therefore, the machine hand can be easily made, assembled, and programmed and the manufacturing price is low.
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