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Shock mount assembly with polymeric thimble tube

A shock mount assembly is provided, which generally includes a spacer and a thimble. The spacer includes a spacer flange and a spacer tube projecting from the spacer flange. The spacer tube includes an inwardly projecting shoulder having an inner diameter. The thimble includes a metal thimble base having a flange and an internally threaded post projecting from the flange. The threaded post has at least one hole passing through a wall thereof. The thimble also includes a plastic hollow thimble stem. The stem includes at least one hole passing through a wall of the lower portion thereof, the hole having a leg extending inwardly from one of the walls thereof. The leg includes a radially inwardly extending tab sized, shaped and positioned to engage the hole passing through the wall of the threaded post in a snap fitted arrangement when the threaded post is inserted into the stem. The stem also includes projecting from a top end thereof a plurality of fingers spaced about a periphery thereof. Each of the fingers has an outwardly projecting portion defining a circumferential lip having an outer diameter larger than the inner diameter of the shoulder of the spacer tube of said spacer. The stem is telescopically receivable in the spacer tube such that when the stem is fully inserted in the spacer tube, the lip engages the shoulder in a snap fitted

Vibration control device for beam-and-column frame

To set up such a constitution that no compression forces act on braces, alternatively, to set up a constitution that makes it possible to make compression forces to be applied to braces smaller extremely; and to provide a vibration control device for beam-and-column frame that can demonstrate high vibration control performance.
A rotary supporting member 40 supports a parallel member 30 rotatably with respect to an upper beam 13. A first brace 60 connects an opposite-end side of the parallel member 30 with an opposite-end side of a lower beam 14. A second brace 70 connects another opposite-end side of the parallel member 30 with another opposite-end side of the lower beam 14. An intersection position of the first brace 60 with the second brace 70 is positioned more adjacent to a side of the upper beam 13 than where an intermediate position between the upper beam 13 and the lower beam 14 is present. The resulting vibration control device includes damper members (80, 90) being disposed respectively so as to be interposed between the parallel member 30 and the upper beam 13, connecting the parallel member 30 with the upper beam 13, and being disposed to make a pair at least on both sides each of which is separated away from the rotary supporting member 40 to interpose the rotary supporting member 40 therebetween.
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