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Deployment assembly and introducer

A deployment assembly (10) for an introducer used for introducing into a patient a stent or other device, the deployment assembly including a housing 30 carrying a sprung loaded (90) actuator (44, 50). The actuator includes a toothed wheel (50) carrying a spool (48) around which a retraction strap (44) can be wound. The strap (44) is coupled to a body member (26) of the introducer and through this to the outer sheath (14) thereof. A trigger (16) is provided for operating the actuator (44, 50). When the trigger (16) is pressed, the actuator winds, under the force produced by the spring (90), the strap (44) to thereby retract the outer sheath (14) so as to expose and then deploy the device carried on the introducer. The mechanism is such that a surgeon need not expend his own energy to retract the outer sheath (14) since this force is provided by the spring (90). Furthermore, the spring (90) acts in a plane other than that of the direction of retraction of the sheath (14), which minimises the risk of inadvertent movement of the introducer as the sheath (14) is being retracted.

Stretchable absorbent composite with low superaborbent shake-out

An article comprises a stretchable absorbent composite (30) that includes a quantity of superabsorbent particles (32) which are operatively contained within a matrix of elastomeric polymer fibers (34). In particular aspects, the composite article can include at least about 60 wt % of the superabsorbent particles and not more than about 40 wt % of the elastomeric polymer fibers, based on a total weight of the composite. In other aspects, the composite article can provide a high stretchability. Additional aspects can provide a low shake-out. Particular configurations can, for example, provide a stretchability value of at least about 30%. Additional aspects can include a configuration that provides a shake-out value of not more than about 2%. In other aspects, the invention can provide a shake-out value of not more than about 1.2%. In further aspects, the absorbent composite can include superabsorbent particles having a coating of treatment-material that is thermally processible. Additional aspects can include a treatment-material which is water soluble.

Robotic surgical system with joint motion controller adapted to reduce instrument tip vibrations

A robotic surgical system has a robot arm holding an instrument for performing a surgical procedure, and a control system for controlling movement of the arm and its instrument according to user manipulation of a master manipulator. The control system includes a filter in its forward path to attenuate master input commands that may cause instrument tip vibrations, and an inverse filter in a feedback path to the master manipulator configured so as to compensate for delay introduced by the forward path filter. To enhance control, master command and slave joint observers are also inserted in the control system to estimate slave joint position, velocity and acceleration commands using received slave joint position commands and torque feedbacks, and estimate actual slave joint positions, velocities and accelerations using sensed slave joint positions and commanded slave joint motor torques.

Treatments for snoring using injectable neuromuscular stimulators

Many individuals generate excessively loud snoring during their sleep, often to the point where others cannot tolerate sleeping in the same room with them. Most cases of snoring are caused by excessive bulk and flaccidity of soft tissues of the palate and uvula that vibrate as air flows past them. These palate and uvula contain muscles whose contractions can stiffen and displace the soft tissues so that they do not vibrate. The invention provides electrical stimulation that causes the oropharyngeal muscles to contract during sleep using one or more microstimulators injected into or near these muscles or the nerves which innervate them. The invention also provides methods of determining the anatomical structures implicated in snoring and testing such locations for effective placement and stimulation of muscle contraction to decrease the frequency or magnitude of snoring.

Washing machine feet with automatic levelling function and washing machine

The invention provides washing machine feet with an automatic levelling function and a washing machine. The bottom of the washing machine is provided with the multiple feet; each foot comprises a fixed part and a moving part, a hollow chamber is formed between each fixed part and the corresponding moving part, and each hollow chamber is filled with a hydraulic medium; every two related feet are mutually connected by a high-pressure oil pipe, so that the hollow chambers of the two feet are mutually communicated, or all the feet are respectively connected to a communicating device by high-pressure oil pipes, so that the hollow chambers of all the feet are mutually communicated; under the action of pressure, the hydraulic medium can flow among the mutually-communicated hollow chambers of the feet to enable the moving parts to stretch and retract, and automatic levelling is performed. The washing machine feet with the automatic levelling function has the advantages that according to a hydraulic principle, each foot is filled with the hydraulic medium, and is enabled to perform adaptive adjustment because of the fluidity of the hydraulic medium under different pressures, the hydraulic medium can flow among the feet, the adjustment range is bigger, and the effect is better.

Quiet cooling system for a computer

A system for cooling a CPU of a computer within a computer case, the system being characterized by having low noise emission levels, the system comprising: a CPU-cooling unit including a thermoelectric component (TEC) couplable to mains for power supply; a cold side heat sink coupled to the TEC and in thermally conductive contact with the CPU; a hot side heat sink coupled to the TEC; a CPU fan attached to the hot side heat sink for pulling heated air from the hot side heat sink; and an electronic controller, a CPU temperature sensor coupled to the cold plate and to the electronic controller for sensing the temperature of the CPU and providing an indication thereof to the electronic controller; wherein the electronic controller is controllingly coupled to the CPU fan for varying fan speed in accordance with the sensed CPU temperature and with software algorithms.

Vibration compensation method for single-rotor compressor and controller

The invention is applicable to the technical field of household electrical appliances and provides a vibration compensation method for a single-rotor compressor and a controller. The method comprises the following steps: acquiring a rotating speed set value omega* and a rotating speed estimated value omega e corresponding to a speed command value; multiplying a speed error delta omega by cos theta, carrying out low pass filtering so as to obtain the cosine component Qc of a speed fluctuation fundamental wave, multiplying delta omega by sin theta and carrying out low pass filtering so as to obtain the sine component Qs of the speed fluctuation fundamental wave; multiplying Qc by cos (theta+delta theta), multiplying Qs by sin (theta+delta theta) and adding the result of multiplication of Qc by cos (theta+delta theta) and the result of multiplication of Qs by sin (theta+delta theta) together so as to obtain an intermediate rotating speed omega rip; subjecting omega rip to high pass filtering so as to obtain a q-shaft current compensation value; and inputting the q-shaft current compensation value into the single-rotor compressor to realize vibration compensation. With the technical scheme provided by the invention, the advantages of reduction in vibration of the single-rotor compressor and easy realization are obtained.

Permanent magnet rotating electric machine and electric car using the same

A permanent magnet rotating electric machine comprises a stator having stator windings wound round a stator iron core and a permanent magnet rotor having a plurality of inserted permanent magnets in which the polarity is alternately arranged in the peripheral direction in the rotor iron core. The rotor iron core of the permanent magnets is composed of magnetic pole pieces, auxiliary magnetic poles, and a stator yoke, and furthermore has concavities formed on the air gap face of the magnetic pole pieces of the rotor iron core of the permanent magnets, gently tilting from the central part of the magnetic poles to the end thereof. In a permanent magnet rotating electric machine, effects of iron loss are reduced, and an electric car using highly efficient permanent magnet rotating electric machine are realized.

Spherical Display and Control Device

A spherical display and control device, that is preferably collapsible between a spherical configuration and a collapsed generally cylindrical ellipsoid configuration, comprising a flexible transparent spherical surface sprung attached to a central hinged modular cube assembly that contains digital displays on outward faces, and circuitry, battery units and electronic modules on inward surfaces, where said sphere surface contains surface position sensing layers and said central cube contains gyroscopic and inertial sensing devices to provide spherical rotation, and physical displacement data for three dimensional control applications, where said displays preferably have curved polarizer lenses such that the overall device appears as a spherical display or are flat to form an overall Cuboid display or are combined with a flexible spherical display surfaces. The overall device being mechanically biased such that it is Bi-stable between the spherical and collapsed configuration via the action of pulling open and rotating the central cube halves.
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