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Fracturing manifold quick connecting device

The invention discloses a fracturing manifold quick connecting device. A first movable elbow, a linear pipe, a second movable elbow, a plug valve and a check valve are connected in sequence. A supportis fixedly connected with the second movable elbow. One end of an oil cylinder is connected with the linear pipe. The other end of the oil cylinder is connected with the support. The oil cylinder candrive the linear pipe to rotate around the second movable elbow. A control unit controls the oil cylinder through a hydraulic system, and accordingly, rotation of the linear pipe is controlled. The fracturing manifold quick connecting device has the beneficial effects that a one-way valve enables one-way flowing of fracturing fluid from fracturing equipment to a manifold package to be achieved, the situation that reflux of the fracturing fluid damages the fracturing equipment is avoided, the one-way valve can further gather fluctuation caused by a pressure difference to the position where thequick connecting device is connected with the manifold package, vibration of the whole quick connecting device is reduced, and the service life is prolonged; the plug valve achieves on-off of drainage of the single fracturing equipment, and the maintenance cost is lowered; and the hydraulic system achieves automatic adjustment of the quick connecting device, no manual uplifting or pressing is needed, the control unit enables remote control to be achieved, time and labor are saved, and the manual operation difficulty is lowered.

Communication equipment transporting device

The invention discloses a transportation device for communication equipment, which comprises a box body, a shockproof plate and a main body of the equipment. The inside of the box body is provided with a shockproof plate, the top of the shockproof plate is provided with a main body of equipment, and the inner bottom of the shockproof plate and the box body is provided with a Evenly distributed second springs, the inner bottom of the box is provided with two symmetrical rectangular chutes, and the inside of the rectangular chute is slidingly connected with two symmetrically distributed sliders, and the top of the sliders is hinged with a second connecting rod , the other ends of the second connecting rods are hinged on the bottom end of the shockproof plate, and the two second connecting rods are arranged in a figure-eight shape, and the sides of the two sliders far away from each other are connected with second teeth arranged horizontally One end of the bar and the second rack bar extends to the outside of the box body, and the interior of the rectangular chute is symmetrically provided with fixed blocks, and the fixed blocks are all slidably connected with the second rack bar. The device has a simple structure, is easy to produce, and at the same time has low production cost, has a good shock-absorbing protection function, and has high safety.

Tunnel excavation device

ActiveUS20140327292A1reduce vibrationincrease speed
The present invention pertains to a tunnel excavation device, which includes an excavation head, a main body on which the excavation head is rotatably mounted, a motor provided in the main body and rotates the excavation head, and a controller for controlling the motor, wherein the excavation head includes a perforating means formed by maintaining a predetermined interval from the center of a body part, which has a front surface formed in the shape of a circular plate, to the outer surface of the body part, an injection means for injecting water and liquid nitrogen into the hole formed by the perforating means, and a plurality of cutters provided on the surface of the main body for crushing the bedrock. According to the present invention, the perforating means such as a laser drill or the like forms a hole and water and liquid nitrogen are injected into the hole so as to crush the bedrock when the excavation work is carried out. Therefore, vibrations, noise and the dust may be reduced around the work site, and the progress speed of processes may be increased. In particular, the one day excavation distance becomes longer than the conventional TBM (tunnel boring machine) such that the entire tunnel construction period is reduced. Furthermore, the lifespan is elongated due to prevention of the abrasion of a cutter such that the cutter replacement time becomes longer, and the maintenance costs can be reduced.
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