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Fracturing Fluid. Definition - What does Fracturing Fluid mean? Fracturing fluid is a special type of fluid that is injected into a wellbore to induce fractures to facilitate access to the oil and gas resources. This fluid is mainly used in hydraulic fracturing in the petroleum industry. It is also sometimes used as an additive.

System for installation of well stimulating apparatus downhole utilizing a service tool string

A service tool string (34) is releasably attached to a bottom hole assembly (18) and forms a production string as well as a work string. The tool (35) has a mandrel (102) and a slide valve assembly (68) mounted on the mandrel for relative sliding movement. Crossover ports (114, 124) are provided in the mandrel (102) and the slide valve assembly (68). Slide valve assembly (68) moves by gravity and spring action when not contacted by the bottom hole assembly (18) to a position in which ports (114, 124) are blocked as shown in FIG. 7B. Upon contact of slidable valve assembly (68) with the bottom hole assembly (18), slide valve assembly is moved upwardly for alignment of ports (114, 124) as shown in FIGS. 5B and 6B. An equalizing valve (29) as shown in FIGS. 10-12 is effective to equalize the fluid pressure within the bottom hole assembly (18) with the fluid pressure outside the perforated casing section (23) so that in a reverse position as shown in FIG. 7B, the service tool (35) can be lifted to a position above the upper packer assembly (26) and above the bottom hole assembly (18). A diverter ball (132) seated on a ball catcher (134) is effective to divert the fracturing fluid outwardly through crossover ports (114, 124) as shown in FIG. 6B for downward flow through the annulus (27) into the formation adjacent the perforated casing section (23).
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