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Full automatic busbar terminal crimping device and crimping method and terminal crimping machine

The invention discloses a full automatic busbar terminal crimping integration device and a crimping method. The device comprises a wire splitting machine, a wire feeding machine, a cutting machine, a shaping machine, a material conveying machine, a wire stripping machine and a terminal crimping machine, wherein the terminal crimping machine comprises a terminal driving mechanism and a wire feeding mechanism; the terminal driving mechanism mainly comprises a punching head and an automatic feeding mechanism; the wire feeding mechanism comprises a shaping groove, a compaction block, a compactionblock driving mechanism, a cam and a cam driving mechanism; one side of the cam clings to the shaping groove, and one side, which is far away from the shaping groove, of the cam is provided with a stop block; the distance between the stop block and the tail end of the shaping groove is equal to the diameter of single connecting wire in a busbar; and the cam aligns with the punching head of the terminal driving mechanism. The wire splitting machine, the cutting machine and the shaping machine are matched to finish the cutting and finishing of the busbar, the material conveying machine feeds cut busbar sections to the wire stripping machine and the terminal crimping machine for processing, and finally the terminal crimping at both ends of the busbar sections is finished; and the whole process is automatic, the production efficiency is high, and the device is convenient to operate.

LED display screen

The invention discloses an LED (Light-emitting Diode) display screen which comprises a box body and a display module assembled and fixed with the box body, wherein a first adsorption piece is arranged on an assembling surface where the box body is assembled with the display module; a second adsorption piece adaptive to the first adsorption piece is arranged in a position corresponding to the display module; and an electromagnetic switch is arranged on the box body, and used for controlling the magnetism of the first adsorption piece. According to the LED display screen, the magnetism of the first adsorption piece is controlled by the electromagnetic switch; when the display module is dismounted, the first adsorption piece is controlled to lose magnetic force and allow the display module to be separated from the box body, and the display module is taken out from the box body; when the display module is mounted, the first adsorption piece is controlled to recover the magnetic force, and the display module is absorbed by the first adsorption piece to be mounted and fixed on the box body, so that purposes of dismounting and mounting the display module quickly are achieved; the production efficiency of the LED display screen is improved; the LED display screen is convenient to maintain; and the dismounting cost, the mounting cost and the maintenance cost are lowered.

Preparation method of polyacrylonitrile pre-oxidation fiber and carbon fiber

ActiveCN102704043AIncrease productivityshorten heat treatment time
The invention discloses a preparation method of a polyacrylonitrile pre-oxidation fiber and a carbon fiber, belonging to the technical field of fiber preparation. The preparation method comprises the steps of: enabling polyacrylonitrile protofilament to pass through a continuous pre-oxidization device at a constant speed in a normal pressure and an air medium and carrying out pre-oxidization treatment, wherein the temperature rises by adopting 2-4 temperature zone gradients, and the total time is controlled within 30-45 min; in the low temperature stage of the pre-oxidization process, the reaction temperature is 200-240 DEG C, positive drafting accounting for 0%-8% of the total drafting is added, and the total time is 15-25 min; and in the high temperature stage, the reaction temperature is 240-275 DEG C, negative drafting accounting for 0%-3% of the drafting is added, the total time is 15-20min, the low temperature stage is divided into one or two temperature zones, and the high temperature stage is divided into one or two temperature zones, and the temperature of the 2-4 temperature zones rises in sequence, therefore the pre-oxidization fiber is obtained; furthermore, performing a regular carbonization treatment in the atmosphere of nitrogen for 5-8 min to obtain the carbon fiber. The preparation method of the polyacrylonitrile pre-oxidation fiber and the carbon fiber, disclosed by the invention, has the advantages of improving production efficiency of the pre-oxidization and shortening the pre-oxidization heat treatment time.

Copper and stainless steel dissimilar metal water adapter vacuum brazing technology method

The invention discloses a vacuum brazing technology method between copper and stainless steel dissimilar metal water connector, comprising processing each part of the water connectior, controling the processing precision and component assembly clearance; washing the part of water connectior; assembling water connections and putting in special fixture. Put the fixture in vacuum brazing furnace and carry out braze welding according to the following brazing technology: 1) take 35 minutes to make the furnace temperature to rise to 650 DEG C at a uniform speed; 2) continue to preserve heat for 20 minutes; 3) rise the furnace temperature at a uniform speed to 890 DEG C in 20minutes; 4) continue to preserve the heat for 20 minutes; 5) then rise the furnace temperature to 970 DEG C+-10 DEG C at a uniform speed in 15 minutes; 6) Continue to preserve heat for 5 minutes; 7) then stop heating and cool naturally; 8) on the next day take out the water connector from the fixture; 9) carry out the acceptance test by using the ultrasonic automatic testing device. The technical problem that the annular gap of the water connector is not fully filled and can be corroded is solved; the invention has the advantages of reliable method and high production efficiency, and can effectively improve the qualified rate of the products.

Technique for producing deep-drawing cold-rolled plate based on CSP technique

The present invention discloses a CSP process-based manufacturing technique of a cup drawing stage cold-rolled steel sheet. The manufacturing technique comprises the working procedures of steel-making, continuous casting, heat soaking, hot continuous rolling, cooling, curling, pickling and cold rolling, annealing and flattening. The pickling and cold rolling working procedure is realized by that after decoiling, a hot rolled coil enters into a pickling tank with the pickling speed of 160-170 m/min, and then enters into a four-frame cold continuous rolling mill train. The present invention has the relative percent of reduction that STD1 is 30-37 percent, STD2 is 35-40 percent, STD3 is 30-35 percent and STD4 is 0.1-0.5 percent, and the curling is performed after the cold rolling. The annealing and the flattening working procedures are realized by that the cold rolled hard coil enters into a cover-type annealing furnace, the annealing temperature is 675-685 DEG C, the temperature holding time is 10-15 h, and the flattening elongation rate is 1.0-1.5 percent. Compared with the prior art, the performance of the cup drawing cold-rolled steel sheet produced with the present invention can achieve the European standard EN10130: 1999, at the same time, the production cost can be reduced, the energy is saved, and the consumption is reduced.

Method for directly molding high-entropy alloy turbine engine hot end component through laser metal

The invention discloses a manufacturing method for directly molding a high-entropy alloy turbine engine hot end component through laser metal, and belongs to the technical field of manufacturing of turbine engine hot end components. The method includes the steps that any five or more kinds of high-melting metal powder is selected from eight kinds of high-melting metal powder, and the high-melting metal powder is evenly mixed to prepare high-entropy alloy powder; a three-dimensional solid model of the turbine engine hot end component is built, necessary auxiliary supporting structures are additionally arranged, and data files in the stl format are obtained and led into a rapid molding device; a blank of the turbine engine hot end component is rapidly molded through the LMDF technology, heat processing is carried out, then the auxiliary supporting structures are removed, abrasive particle stream finish machining and surface processing are carried out, and the high-entropy alloy turbine engine hot end component with the good high-temperature behavior is obtained. The turbine engine hot end component molded with the method has the high density and the excellent high-temperature behavior; meanwhile, the high molding precision and the high surface precision are achieved, and rapid and accurate manufacturing of the high-performance turbine engine hot end component can be achieved.
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