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Method for preparing graphene or graphene oxide by using high-efficiency and low-cost mechanical stripping

The invention provides a method for preparing graphene or graphene oxide by using high-efficiency and low-cost mechanical stripping and relates to a preparation method of the graphene or the graphene oxide, solving the problems that the traditional micro-mechanical stripping method has low efficiency and can not be used for large-batch production. The method comprises the following step of separating carbon materials by utilizing solid particles and a liquid working medium (or gas working medium) and adopting mechanical stripping to obtain the graphene or the graphene oxide, wherein the carbon materials comprise graphite powder, expanded graphite, expandable graphite or graphite powder oxide. By using automatic machinery and using a great deal of solid particles for assisting stripping processes, the invention greatly increases the contact areas and the stripping times of the stripping processes, the carbon materials are subject to a great amount of stripping processes in a short time through the shearing and impacting functions of the solid particles on the carbon materials, and thereby the method obviously improves the stripping efficiency, has low cost and is suitable for the industrial and large-batch production of the graphene or the graphene oxide.

Electric conductive silver paste and manufacturing method thereof

The invention discloses electric conductive silver paste and a manufacturing method of the electric conductive silver paste. The electric conductive silver paste comprises, by mass percentage, 35 - 65 % of micron-sized silver powder, 1-10 % of nanometer-sized silver powder of or 1-20 % of nanometer-sized silver and other metal alloy powder, and 1-10 % of an organic carrier; for ceramics, solar cell silver paste comprises 2-15 % of unleaded glass powder, each component is manufactured in parts, weighed, mixed and stirred or mixed and rapidly scattered, and ultrasonic-vibrated or fine adjusted of viscosity of solvent, and therefore the electric conductive silver paste is obtained. Due to the fact that the nanometer-sized silver powder or the nanometer-sized silver alloy powder is mixed with the micron-sized silver powder, intensity of conductivity and a circuit is improved, adhesive force of crushing resistance and a base plate is improved, at the same time unleaded slurry good in thixotropy, low in contacting resistance and low in piece-needed slurry amount replaces lead slurry materials, the electric conductive silver paste is used for manufacturing crystalline silicon solar cells, improves photoelectric conversion efficiency, accords with environmental-protection ideas, and can be produced in large scales continuously.
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