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Preparation and application of compound chemical fertilizer capable of promoting growth and health of plants

The invention provides preparation and an application of a compound chemical fertilizer capable of promoting growth and health of plants. The compound chemical fertilizer capable of promoting growth and health of plants is composed of a natural organic plant nutrient liquid, a plant extract liquid having bactericidal activity, a macroelement fertilizer and / or a secondary-element fertilizer and / or a microelement fertilizer and / or a plant growth regulator, and auxiliaries, and an efficiency low-toxic bactericide if necessary. The compound chemical fertilizer capable of promoting growth and health of plants is mainly in the form of a water-based preparation, and has an obvious control effect for some common diseases of crops without causing a residue problem. The compound chemical fertilizer capable of promoting growth and health of plants provided by the invention is safe for utilization, friendly to the environment, and capable of effectively improving the yield of agricultural products and improving the quality of the agricultural products. Besides, the compound chemical fertilizer is high in popularization and application values, and has good comprehensive economic benefits and social benefits.

Power transmission line polling system

The invention discloses a power transmission line polling system. The system comprises a personal computer (PC) side control terminal, a server and a handheld personal digital assistant (PDA), wherein the PC side control terminal, namely a PC side management system, performs polling task management, polling condition management, defect management, defect standard management and geographic information system (GIS) geographic information management; the server receives and transmits information and stores data in real time, comprises an enterprise database and a Socket detectaphone which is used for detecting wireless data in real time, and is called a server Socket data receiving and transmitting system for short; and the handheld PDA performs field polling, is a mobile terminal which feeds back polling information through general packet radio service (GPRS), and is called a PDA mobile terminal polling system for short. The advanced technologies of a global positioning system (GPS) and a palm computer are fused in the system, and power transmission line polling is realized by using a component GIS technology and introducing the concept of embedded GIS; the system performs relatively precise positioning and complete defect data acquisition, can be used for a line polling step in a power system which is used for power transmission, power distribution and the like, and also can be widely applied to the management of the outdoor entities of telecommunication, coal gas, natural gas and the like which are related to the polling; and the operating cost is effectively lowered, and the economic benefit is effectively improved.

Medication thermal energy water circulating blanket

The invention discloses a medication thermal energy water circulating blanket which comprises a liquid heat radiation circulating loop structure formed by connecting a dialysis macromolecule energy pipe, a constant-temperature furnace, a minitype mute water pump and the like, the dialysis macromolecule energy pipes is evenly arranged on a cotton blanket body to cool the cotton blank body. According to the medication thermal energy water circulating blanket, needed medicinal materials only need to be placed on a filter screen in the constant-temperature furnace, nutrition ingredients of the medicinal materials are absorbed by water, agentia is pumped to the dialysis macromolecule energy pipes to circulate, the dialysis macromolecule energy pipes distribute the nutrition ingredients of the agentia to a bed blanket slowly to be absorbed by a human body through pores of the human body at this moment, and therefore people can be moisturized by the water and can obtain the nutrition effect of the medicinal materials in sleep, people can feel warm and comfortable, and can maintain beauty and keep young, and the special effect of preventing diseases can be achieved. Heating, circulating and heat preservation in the whole process are automatically controlled, the medication thermal energy water circulating blanket is simple in structure, low in cost, convenient to use and good in market prospect and has good market prospects, and social benefits and economic benefits are considerable.

Centrifugal casting high-speed steel composite roll and manufacture method thereof

The invention relates to a centrifugal casting high-speed steel composite roll and a manufacture method thereof and belongs to the field of casting. The composite roll is composed of outer layer high-speed steel, middle layer graphitic steel and core high-strength nodular cast iron by centrifugal compounding. The centrifugal casting high-speed steel composite roll is based on the conventional high-carbon high-vanadium high-speed steel roll, the content of vanadium is appropriately reduced, niobium is added at the same time, and the Nb / V is controlled to be 0.3 to 0.5 so that Nb and V form complex carbide (V, Nb) C so as to avoid forming segregation under the action of centrifugal force. A roll core of the high-speed steel composite roll adopts high-strength nodular cast iron, and a multivariate graphite steel middle layer is poured between an outer layer and the roll core for preventing interfusing elements of Cr, B, and the like which cause embrittlement when the nodular cast iron is poured to be fused with the outer layer high-speed steel. Microalloying processing for refining the organization is carried out on a roll surface high-speed steel material and the middle layer graphitic steel so as to achieve the purpose of improving the thermal cracking capacity of the roll material. The centrifugal casting high-speed steel composite roll has high overall performance, long service life and good economic benefits.

Determining method for surveying reserves of hypotonic clastic rock oil-gas reservoir

The invention relates to a determining method for surveying the reserves of hypotonic clastic rock oil-gas reservoir positioned on a clastic rock oil (gas) geological reservoir enrichment boundary, comprising the following steps of: carrying out statistical regression on the daily produced oil-gas data and water data of the traditional testing oil well and the traditional testing gas well and thecorresponding physical data, oil-bearing data and electrical data of an oil layer to determine the physical lower limit value, the oil-bearing lower limit value and the electrical lower limit value of an oil-gas layer, which correspond to industrial oil-gas flows; determining the minimum values of output and a sand body thickness according to the relationship between an effective thickness and test oil output and between the sand body thickness and test production; determining the area boundary of the oil-gas reservoir by using a sandrock thickness isoline method and an effective thickness isoline method; and calculating the reserves of the hypotonic clastic rock oil-gas reservoir. The invention solves the problem that the oil-bearing area of the traditional hypotonic clastic rock oil (gas) reservoir is extrapolated depending on artificial well points, is convenient to apply in the calculation of the reserves, can not only be used for more accurately calculating the reserves of oil (gas) reservoir, but also furthest save the exploration discovery workload and reduce the discovery cost of ton reserves, thereby enhancing the economic benefits of oil-gas exploration and development.

Nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur doping or co-doping carbon dot and batch controllable preparing method and application thereof

The invention provides a nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur doping or co-doping carbon dot and a batch controllable preparing method and application thereof. The method comprises the steps that a carbon source, a nitrogen source, a phosphorus source and a sulphur source are evenly mixed, and a mixture is obtained, wherein the molar ratio of C to N to P to S in the mixture is 1 to 0-0.8 to 0-0.4 to 0-0.4, and the contents of N, P and S are prevented from being zero at the same time; in the air, the mixture is heated to be fused, the reaction is carried out for 3 min to 60 min, natural cooling is carried out till the indoor temperature is reached, a reaction product is separated by a silicagel column, raw materials which do not react are removed, and the nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur doping or co-doping carbon dot is obtained. According to the method, the technology is simple, the compound time is short, batch producing can be achieved, the doping amount can be adjusted and controlled accurately, the fluorescence color of the prepared carbon dot ranges from blue to green, the application can be achieved on bioluminescence marking and cell imaging aspects, and the good economic benefit and the application prospect are achieved.

Sludge treatment process based on hydrothermal modification technology

The invention relates to a sludge treatment process based on a hydrothermal modification technology. The sludge treatment process is carried out by comprising the following steps of: (1) temporarily storing the sludge which is subjected to mechanical dehydration and has the water content of 70-85% to a pretreatment unit and deodorizing the sludge; (2) introducing to a homogeneous device, fully mixing and homogenizing, introducing the homogenized sludge to a slurrying device, introducing the slurried sludge to a hydrothermal reactor for hydrothermal reaction, and introducing the hydrothermal sludge to a flash evaporator for decompression and flash evaporation; (3) cooling to 35-45 DEG C by using a cooler, then introducing to a high-pressure diaphragm pressure filter for pressure filtering and dehydration to obtain a dehydrated mud cake with the solid content of 35-45% and dehydrated filtrate; (4) introducing the dehydrated filtrate to an intermediate temperature anaerobic reactor, wherein the residence time is for 5.5-7.5d, the inlet water temperature is controlled below 40 DEG C, and the anaerobic reaction temperature is 30-40 DEG C; and (5) preparing a biomass fuel rod by using the dehydrated mud cake, and introducing the biomass fuel rod to a boiler to provide steam for the hydrothermal reactor and the flash evaporator. The sludge treatment process has the advantages of goodtreatment effect, obvious volume reduction effect, high harmless degree, recycling of methane, good economic benefit and the like.
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