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A data center (American English) or data centre (British English) is a building, dedicated space within a building, or a group of buildings used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems.

Virtual data center that allocates and manages system resources across multiple nodes

A virtualization infrastructure that allows multiple guest partitions to run within a host hardware partition. The host system is divided into distinct logical or virtual partitions and special infrastructure partitions are implemented to control resource management and to control physical I / O device drivers that are, in turn, used by operating systems in other distinct logical or virtual guest partitions. Host hardware resource management runs as a tracking application in a resource management “ultravisor” partition, while host resource management decisions are performed in a higher level command partition based on policies maintained in a separate operations partition. The conventional hypervisor is reduced to a context switching and containment element (monitor) for the respective partitions, while the system resource management functionality is implemented in the ultravisor partition. The ultravisor partition maintains the master in-memory database of the hardware resource allocations and serves a command channel to accept transactional requests for assignment of resources to partitions. It also provides individual read-only views of individual partitions to the associated partition monitors. Host hardware I / O management is implemented in special redundant I / O partitions. Operating systems in other logical or virtual partitions communicate with the I / O partitions via memory channels established by the ultravisor partition. The guest operating systems in the respective logical or virtual partitions are modified to access monitors that implement a system call interface through which the ultravisor, I / O, and any other special infrastructure partitions may initiate communications with each other and with the respective guest partitions. The guest operating systems are modified so that they do not attempt to use the “broken” instructions in the x86 system that complete virtualization systems must resolve by inserting traps. System resources are separated into zones that are managed by a separate partition containing resource management policies that may be implemented across nodes to implement a virtual data center.

System and method using virtual machines for decoupling software from management and control systems

InactiveUS20060184936A1Simplifies management system updateSimple dataSoftware simulation/interpretation/emulationMemory systemsMaintenance releaseData center
Virtual machines of a virtual data center generate runtime instances with a software image, hardware configuration, management configuration and user/service configuration. Virtual data center resource use is monitored by reference to the management configuration of runtime instances, such as for environmental controls like power, cooling and balancing, or for policy limitations on users, software or hardware. Users or services generate runtime instances of stored virtual machines by reference to the user/service configuration, such as pricing or priority. In one example embodiment, the virtual machine software image comprises an application system preparation file that populates a read only application image common to plural virtual machines. Information unique to each virtual machine with respect to the application is maintained in the user/service configuration of the virtual machine and version information is maintained in the management configuration of the virtual machine. Updates to the application across each virtual machine are performed by updating the read only image or any of its configuration information for hardware configuration, management configuration or user/service configuration.
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