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In telecommunications a link is a communication channel that connects two or more devices. The link may be physical or logical that uses one or more physical links or shares a physical link with other telecommunications links.

Electrically controlled automated devices to operate, slow, guide, stop and secure, equipment and machinery for the purpose of controlling their unsafe, unattended, unauthorized, unlawful hazardous and/or legal use, with remote control and accountability worldwide

This application describes completely in many unique ways and detail all the devices to reduce a vehicle's speed and/or reduce a machines RPM's and/or stop any piece of equipment's as well as guide it if mobile through automated controls. First to slow it down, and guide it and/or control it if necessary (i.e., other pieces of equipment). Secondly it discusses how to stop any piece of equipment completely. And thirdly, the invention secures it in a safe stationary position either entirely or any number of specific moving parts. Many of these systems are initially here described to slow, reduce speed, steer, stop and/or secure equipment functions. However, they also can be used to increase a piece of equipment's functions. In other words their variations are completely capable to serve any remote or automated controls on a vehicle in the future to provide full robotics systems, e.g., for automated transportation systems, automated manufacturing, etc., either through individually isolated remote control systems and/or interfaced with other off-board systems through communication links, gateway computers, computer networks and the world wide web for inexpensive long distance monitoring and remote control. The invention focuses on the automobile industry but as has always been maintained throughout all these applications these devices and systems are designed to control every piece of equipment. The invention includes various accountable protocols and commercial developments to control speed, brake and steering for an automobile shut down to be performed through automation to a safe controlled secured deactivated state to be considered as a basis for a standard in aggressive vehicle remote control and/or to control and guide a vehicle and/or piece of equipment through many different automated systems.

System for transferring customized hardware and software settings from one computer to another computer to provide personalized operating environments

A method and system for transferring information from a first computer-based device to a web site, for temporary storage and later transfer of the stored information from the web site to a second computer-based device. First, a communication link is established between a first computer-based device and the web site. Next, the first computer-based device is scanned, via the web site, to determine the information contained on the first computer-based device. The user then selects which of the scanned information is to be uploaded from the first computer-based device onto the web site for temporary storage. Finally, the selected information is transferred from the first computer-based device onto the web site for temporary storage. Once retrieval of the temporarily stored information is desired, the user establishes a communication link between a second computer-based device and the web site. The second computer-based device is scanned, via the web site, to determine the information contained on the second computer-based device. The temporarily stored information, from the first computer-based device on the web site, is then displayed to the user and the user selects which of this temporary information, from the first computer-based device, is to be downloaded from the web site onto the second computer-based device. The selected information is finally downloaded from the website onto the second computer-based device.

Integrated interface for real time web based viewing of telecommunications network call traffic

A system and method for providing both telecommunications network statistical reporting functions and reporting on a call by call detail basis, over the public Internet. A "TRAFFICVIEW" Server (TVS) system and Real time monitoring system is integrated with a web/Internet based reporting system infrastructure and is responsive to instructions provided by subscribers over the internet so that reports may be provided on a given time period, at a given frequency and in a particular format. Standard traffic call detail reports are delivered to the subscriber via a browser based graphical user interface. The graphical user interface provides all reporting functions the subscriber is entitled to. A subscriber may obtain a static view of the traffic for a special service call number by communicating with the TVS. Moreover, a remote subscriber may be provided via a browser based workstation GUI with data files containing raw call details and statistics in a predetermined format. Alternately, a remote subscriber may communicate with a real time statistics (RTM) system over the public Internet enabling the subscriber to monitor the operation of the network, as it relates to calls directed to the subscribers special service call numbers, in real time.

System and method of using the public switched telephone network in providing authentication or authorization for online transactions

An authentication or authorization system to facilitate electronic transactions uses simultaneous or substantially simultaneous communications on two different networks to verify a user's identity. When a user logs onto a site, via the internet, a telephone number, either pre-stored or obtained in real time from the visitor, where the visitor can be called essentially immediately is used to set up, via the switched telephone network another communication link. Where the user has multiple communication links available, the telephone call is automatically placed via the authentication or authorization software simultaneously while the user is on-line. In the event that the user has only a single communication link, that individual will have to log off temporarily for purposes of receiving the telephone call. Confirmatory information is provided via the internet to the user. The automatically placed telephone call requests that the user feed back this confirmatory information for verification purposes. The telephone number which is being called is adjacent to the user's internet terminal. The user's response, via the telephone network, can be compared to the originally transmitted confirmatory information to determine whether the authentication or authorization process should go forward.
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