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High clearance vehicle

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A high clearance vehicle includes a walking beam frame and an independent suspension. The frame consists of a main frame, A-shaped frames, a main truss, leg braces, and an axle. Pins which are used to join each A-shaped frame and leg braces to the main truss act as pivot points, as does the pin that attaches the axle to the main frame. Each leg brace may connect to each A-shaped frame by an elastic member to provide the independent suspension. Legs are at each corner of the frame. At the bottom of each leg is a wheel hub mount with a wheel drive assembly operably connected to a wheel for propelling the vehicle. At the top of the front legs are tapered kingpins which carry segmented thrust washers having a knob and receiving portion. A boom having extension arms and spray nozzles may also be attached. The walking beam frame may include a crab steering device which shifts the rear axle off-center so that the vehicle dog legs. A hinge stacked assembly includes a self-cleaning screen, a condenser, oil cooler, and a radiator. Angled hinges allow a door to be opened away from the vehicle and the rear tire so that the stacked assembly is easily accessible to maintenance. A knee action suspension may also provide independent suspension to the vehicle. The boom may have upper and lower lift arms. An elastic member may be provided for supporting the lower lift arm.

Automatic patching machine

The invention relates to an automatic patching machine, which comprises a machine frame, a conveying assembly, a feeding assembly and a mechanical hand, wherein the conveying assembly is arranged on the machine frame, is used for conveying a patched object and sequentially comprises a material supply buffer station, a patching station and a material discharging buffer station in the conveying direction of the conveying assembly, and the material supply buffer station, the patching station and the material discharging buffer station respectively and independently form a conveying unit; the feeding assembly is arranged on the machine frame and is used for feeding patching objects; and the mechanical hand is arranged on the machine frame, the free end of the mechanical hand is provided with a gripping assembly used for gripping the patching object at the tail end of the feeding assembly, and the mechanical hand is used for driving the gripping assembly to move between the material discharging end of the feeding assembly and the patching station of the conveying assembly. Compared with the prior art, the automatic patching machine can simultaneously grip a plurality of patching objects for carrying out gradual patching, the manual operation is replaced, and the patching efficiency is greatly improved; because the mechanical hand is adopted as an active moving element, the maintenance is relatively simpler; the positioning is realized through a CCD (charge coupled device), the patching precision is improved, and the defective rate is reduced; and in addition, the automatic patching machine has the advantages that the structure is simple, the assembly is simple, the occupied space of the whole machine is relatively smaller, and the purchasing cost of equipment of manufacturers is greatly reduced.

Eight-axis robot space curve welding system and method for recognizing welding line by means of lasers

The invention discloses an eight-axis robot space curve welding system for recognizing a welding line by means of lasers. The system comprises a tilting/rotating two-axis positioner used for fixing a workpiece, a laser sensor, a laser sensor fixing element, a welding gun, a welding gun fixing element and a welding robot. The workpiece is fixed to the tilting/rotating two-axis positioner and does tilting and/or rotating motion along with the tilting/rotating two-axis positioner. The laser sensor is mounted on the laser sensor fixing element. The laser sensor fixing element is clamped on the welding gun. The welding gun is mounted on the welding gun fixing element. The welding gun fixing element is mounted on a flange plate at the tail end of the welding robot. Both the laser sensor and the welding gun can move along with the tail end of the welding robot. The invention further discloses an eight-axis robot space curve welding method for recognizing the welding line by means of the lasers. The problems that existing space curve welding line off-line programming is not high in precision, the teaching workload of space curve welding line teaching programming is large, and efficiency is low are solved. Efficiency and precision are high.

Drum frame supporting power built-in integrated jacking steel platform formwork system and construction method

ActiveCN102661039AEasy maintenanceAvoid the risk of falling objectsForms/shuttering/falseworksBuilding material handlingSteel columnsShear wall
The invention discloses a drum frame supporting power built-in integrated jacking steel platform formwork system, comprising a steel platform, a support system, a suspended scaffold, a template system and a hydraulic jacking power system; the support system comprises a drum frame support and an internal framework support; the drum frame support is located under the steel platform, and comprises a steel platform support, an oil cylinder counter-force beam, a guide roller, a support steel column and a drum frame support beam; the internal framework support is arranged inside the drum frame support and located between the drum frame support beam and the oil cylinder counter-force beam; the hydraulic jacking power system comprises a hydraulic jacking oil cylinder and a power control system thereof; the hydraulic jacking oil cylinder is inverted between the oil cylinder counter-force beam and the internal framework support; telescopic brackets are arranged at the end portions of the internal framework support and the drum frame support beam, respectively; and the telescopic brackets are supported in a preformed hole in a shear wall. The drum frame supporting power built-in integrated jacking steel platform formwork system is capable of realizing the construction operation of a complex core drum, shortening the construction period and ensuring high altitude construction safety, and also capable of improving the green construction level.

Instant execution method of block chain based on homomorphic encryption

The invention discloses an instant execution method of a block chain based on homomorphic encryption. The instant execution method includes the steps: encrypting data needing to be shared by using ahomomorphic encryption algorithm; outputting the encrypted data; jointly generate cooperation parameters by multiple participants; and verifying that the input and output of the encrypted ciphertext amount in the transaction are equal, and executing a response or write operation on accounts of a transaction initiator and a transaction receiver with readable or writable authority, wherein incentivepayment is used for encouraging a resource provider to share redundant memory and bandwidth resources as cache nodes of a transaction flow. According to the instant execution method of a block chainbased on homomorphic encryption, the block chain is used to carry out hierarchical linking on each service node, so as to ensure that the data exchange record is real and reliable and cannot be tampered, and meanwhile, for the data distribution problem, in combination with a blockchain cross-chain and instant execution contract technology, the blockchain-based data distribution system is provided,thus changing the traditional data distribution mode, and promoting the system maintenance on the system safety, stability and other performances through an incentive payment excitation measure.

Apparatus for processing paper money

The invention discloses a paper currency processing device, which comprises the following parts: a money inputting unit which detects the paper currency placed in a money inputting opening and transmits the detected paper currency to a detecting unit; the detecting unit which detects truth, types of currency and thickness of the paper currency transmitted from the money inputting unit, sends the paper currency with normal detecting result into a temporary storage unit, and sends the paper currency with abnormal detecting result back to the money inputting opening; the temporary storage unit which temporarily stores the paper currency sent by the detecting unit and sends the paper currency to a money outputting transmitting channel; the money outputting transmitting channel which sends the paper currency to a money outputting opening when receiving a canceling transaction command, and sends the paper currency to a money pressing unit when receiving a determining transaction right command; the money pressing unit which presses the paper currency sent from the money outputting transmitting channel into a downside money box. The invention solves the problems of incomplete detection of paper currency, influent running of paper currency, tendency of money clipping, large load and bad environment suitability.

Equipment failure detection device and method

The invention relates to the field of equipment failure detection, and discloses an equipment failure detection device and an equipment failure detection method. The method comprises the following steps of: searching a failure point corresponding to a resolved failure code in an expert library module according to information of the resolved failure code, and positioning the failure; and finding out failure solution information corresponding to the failure point through an experience library module to remove the failure of the current detected equipment. The device and the method have the following advantages that: 1, the threshold for an operator is reduced, namely detection scripts are collocated in an equipment failure decoding device, so the operator does not need to learn various codes by heart or consult a technical manual and common users can operate the device and the method; 2, the maintenance is convenient; namely the users can upgrade the expert library module, customize and maintain the detection scripts and the like; and 3, the device is convenient to carry, namely the equipment failure decoding device of the invention can be integrated in portable electronic equipment such as a mobile phone, a PDA and the like so as to facilitate the carry of the users and the field detection.

Welding device and technique of axle housing assembly Y-shaped weld joint

The invention relates to welding equipment for the Y-shaped welding seam of an axle housing body assembly and a welding technology thereof, which belong to the field of the welding processing. The welding equipment comprises a lathe bed 2, a driving machine head 3, a crossbeam assembly 4, a centralized positioning device 5, a pneumatic welding torch lifting mechanism 6, a welding torch adjusting mechanism 7, a driven machine head 8, an oscillator 9, an automatic welding controller 10, an electric control system 11 and a welding source 12, wherein, the driving machine head 3 and the driven machine head 8 are concentric, a vertical adjusting device is arranged in the centralized positioning device 5, air cylinders on the driving machine head 3, the driven machine head 8, the centralized positioning device 5 and the pneumatic welding torch lifting mechanism 6 are connected with the electric control system 11, the circuit parts of the welding source 12 and the electric control system 11 are connected to the automatic welding controller 10 through wires; the ways of manual adjustment and automatic welding are adopted, and the welding equipment is provided with twenty sets of welding sequences; the descending height of the lifting mechanism or the welding torch in the welding process is preset, therefore, the welding current parameters in each procedure can be respectively adjusted in the welding process.

Flexible clamp based on phase-change material

The invention provides a really flexible clamp device capable of clamping parts with any complex shapes and sizes. The flexible clamp device provided by the invention comprises a base, a phase-change material cavity, a phase-change material, a locating body, a clamping body and the like. The phase-change material cavity is connected to the base through a bolt; the locating body is placed on the base through a numerical control locating machine and adsorbed on the base through a bottom permanent magnet; the clamping body is placed on the base through the numerical control locating machine and adsorbed on the base through the bottom permanent magnet; and phase-change material is cast so that the locating body, the clamping body, the phase-change material cavity and the base are fixedly connected to form a clamp. The length of the locating body can be continuously adjusted, the height of the clamping body can be continuously adjusted, and positions of the locating body and the clamping body can be arranged randomly, so that clamping the parts with any complex shapes and sizes is realized. The clamp is simple in part shape, low in manufacturing precision requirement and low in clamp manufacturing cost; and the phase-change material can be repeatedly used so as to be easy for remanufacturing and cyclic utilization.

Friction load coupling experimental device and friction load coupling experimental method in marine climate environment

The invention discloses a friction load coupling experimental device and a friction load coupling experimental method in a marine climate environment. The experimental device comprises an electric control part, a mechanical part and a constant temperature and humidity maintaining system, wherein the electric control part comprises a motor servo control and data collection system; the mechanical part comprises an upper main shaft driving assembly, a lower sample motion assembly, a lower main shaft pressure and torque measuring assembly, a spring loading assembly and a special friction pair fixture assembly; the constant temperature and humidity maintaining system mainly consists of an industrial air conditioner and a case. According to the experimental device and the experimental method, the corrosion and wear resistance of materials or coating materials in wet and hot marine atmosphere environment can be truly represented; accurate and reliable experimental evidences can be provided for design and material selection of devices and machines used in the marine climate environment, so as to improve the performances of the devices and the machines and prolong the service lives of the devices and the machine.
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