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System and method for energy management

A business methodology for optimizing energy procurement energy demand (usage) and energy supply for a facility or complex. After ascertaining a baseline model, energy consumption is monitored and adjusted to reflect dynamic economic factors of operations. With the accumulation of data, contract negotiations with energy suppliers may provide further energy savings. Over time and patterns of usage determined further savings and optimization in energy, equipment, staffing and other operational areas are obtained. Remote access provides efficient monitoring of established systems.

Field repairable hermaphroditic connector

InactiveUS6234683B1Easily repairInexpensive to manufacture and assembleCoupling light guidesMechanical engineeringFerrule
A hermaphroditic fiber optic termination device including a plug insert removably insertable into a front of a housing. The housing having locking holes. The plug insert formed so as to receive ferrules surrounding terminal ends of the optical fibers. The plug insert having spring latches, where each spring latches has a nub. The nub feature being designed so as to spring into the locking holes of the housing.

System and method for network traffic management and load balancing

A method for providing load balancing and failover among a set of computing nodes running a network accessible computer service includes providing a computer service that is hosted at one or more servers comprised in a set of computing nodes and is accessible to clients via a first network. Providing a second network including a plurality of traffic processing nodes and load balancing means. The load balancing means is configured to provide load balancing among the set of computing nodes running the computer service. Providing means for redirecting network traffic comprising client requests to access the computer service from the first network to the second network. Providing means for selecting a traffic processing node of the second network for receiving the redirected network traffic comprising the client requests to access the computer service and redirecting the network traffic to the traffic processing node via the means for redirecting network traffic. For every client request for access to the computer service, determining an optimal computing node among the set of computing nodes running the computer service by the traffic processing node via the load balancing means, and then routing the client request to the optimal computing node by the traffic processing node via the second network.

Web site application development method using object model for managing web-based content

A system and method for developing an application for serving a document to a client in a client/server network employs an Object Model which defines templates, extensions, documents, and content objects in a template inheritance model. The Object Model serves a document, such as a webpage of a Web site application, by combining the structure and content inherited from a template and extensions in the template hierarchy. The templates specify the structure of the document and include tags as placeholders for content objects to be incorporated in the document. Extensions descend from either a template or another extension, and can expand upon the number of tags specified in a parent, add additional formatting to the layout, and/or refine the definition of tags that already exist in the inheritance hierarchy. When a document is to be viewed or served, a page server retrieves the template hierarchy and incorporates all tagged content in the structure inherited from the template and its extensions. The Object Model provides a framework for developing Web sites and other applications that is more robust and simpler to manage than the traditional file directory model of conventional Web applications. This framework makes it possible to create complex and highly structured Web applications that are efficient to develop and easier to maintain, and without ever having to write source code.

Vacuum processing apparatus

A vacuum processing apparatus includes a vacuum processing chamber having a processing table for supporting an object to be processed and carrying out processing using a gas. The vacuum processing chamber has an axisymmetric structure, including a double wall structure, and a gate valve for sealing an opening through which the object enters the processing chamber.

Autonomous, ambulatory analyte monitor or drug delivery device

ActiveUS7004928B2Improve capillary forceMinimize coagulationAutomatic syringesMicroneedlesBiomedical engineeringElectronic equipment
The invention relates to analyte monitoring / drug (pharmaceutical agent) delivery device. The invention is suited for monitoring various blood constituents such as glucose. The device has a housing that at least partially encloses a plurality of microneedles disposed on a carrier and an electronics portion. Each microneedle is in fluid communication with a corresponding microchannel. Each microneedle is individually addressable. That is, each microneedle can be extended and retracted individually via an actuator. The electronics portion includes a processor and associated circuitry (e.g., memory, supporting electronics and the like), a motor or the like, a sensor, a power supply (e.g., battery) and optionally an interface. In general, the processor controls the operation of the device and is data communication with the actuator, motor, sensor and interface. The invention provides for autonomous operation, that is, without intervention of the user. The invention can optionally provide for calibration without intervention of the user. The invention can also provide for semi-continuous monitoring for day and night time. The invention can provide for up to four, or more, weeks of operation. The invention can provide for a device that is relative small in size, and therefore unobtrusive. The invention can also provide for device with remote control and interactive electronics. The invention may be also used for the delivery of various pharmaceutical agents including high potency drugs to minimize patient intervention and minimize discomfort.

Axially compressible flared stents and apparatus and methods for delivering them

A stent includes a flaring portion and a main portion connected to the flaring portion. The main portion includes a plurality of bands of cells spaced apart axially from one another, adjacent bands of cells being intermittently connected to one another. During use, the stent is introduced into a main vessel in a contracted condition and positioned with the flaring portion adjacent an ostium. The flaring portion is flared, and the stent is advanced at least partially into the ostium. The stent is expanded further such that the main portion expands within the branch body lumen and / or the flaring portion expands adjacent the ostium. The main portion compresses axially during at least one of the steps when the stent is expanded, which may enhance conformance of the stent relative to the ostium and / or enhance reinforcement of the ostium.

Portable solar generator

A portable PV modular solar generator. A plurality of wheels are attached to the bottom of a rechargeable battery container. At least one rechargeable battery is contained inside the rechargeable battery container. A power conditioning panel is connected to the rechargeable battery container. At least one photovoltaic panel is pivotally connected. In a preferred embodiment, the rechargeable battery container is a waterproof battery enclosure having a knife switch connection. A mast having a rotation bar is supported by the waterproof battery enclosure. At least one solar panel support brace for supporting the photovoltaic panel is attached to the rotation bar. The power conditioning panel is waterproof, is attached to the mast and has a door. When the door is opened, at least one safety switch is opened, breaking an electric circuit. The waterproof power conditioning panel has a charge controller and an inverter. The charge controller is electrically connected to at least one rechargeable battery and at least one photovoltaic panel, and is capable or receiving auxiliary power inputs.

Method for generating and distributing telecom and internet revenue

The present invention is directed to a business model and method for generating and distributing Telecom and Internet revenue between a wireless network operator and an Internet Partner company. The inventive business model provides an Internet web-site for the carrier's subscribers, with the web-site being developed by the Internet Partner. The web-site features applications and services tailored to the subscribers in their role as users of a mobile wireless communications device. The invention provides incentives to increase network usage and conduct transactions that generate value for both the wireless network operator and the Internet Partner.

Direct tool loading

InactiveUS20060188360A1Effective movementConveyor—reducing the number of times the container is handledSemiconductor/solid-state device manufacturingStorage devicesTransport systemEngineering
The present invention comprises a load port for providing access to an article that is stored in a container having a container door removably coupled to a container shell. The load port preferably loads / unloads a container directly from a container transport system. In one embodiment, the load port includes a plate having an opening, a container support plate, a drive assembly for moving the support plate vertically and a shroud to partially enclose the opening. The shroud, which may be affixed to the mounting plate, has an open top and bottom. The shroud contains a mechanism for retaining the container shell at a controllable height. During operation, a container is raised from the transport system into the shroud until the container shell is retained by the mechanism. After the container shell is uncoupled from the container door, the container support plate is lowered until the article is accessible through the opening. The container shell remains located at the controllable height. The container shell, in combination with the shroud, creates a mini-environment isolating the article from ambient conditions in the fabrication facility.

Data framing for adaptive-block-length coding system

An audio encoder applies an adaptive block-encoding process to segments of audio information to generate frames of encoded information that are aligned with a reference signal conveying the alignment of a sequence of video information frames. The audio information is analyzed to determine various characteristics of the audio signal such as the occurrence and location of a transient, and a control signal is generated that causes the adaptive block-encoding process to encode segments of varying length. A complementary decoder applies an adaptive block-decoding process to recover the segments of audio information from the frames of encoded information. In embodiments that apply time-domain aliasing cancellation (TDAC) transforms, window functions and transforms are applied according to one of a plurality of segment patterns that define window functions and transform parameters for each segment in a sequence of segments. The segments in each frame of a sequence of overlapping frames may be recovered without aliasing artifacts independently from the recovery of segments in other frames. Window functions are adapted to provide preferred frequency-domain responses and time-domain gain profiles.

Broadband power combining device using antipodal finline structure

A broadband power combining device includes an input port, an input waveguide section, a center waveguide section formed by stacked wedge-shaped trays, an output waveguide section, and an output port. Each tray is formed of a wedge-shaped metal carrier, an input antipodal finline structure, one or more active elements, an output antipodal finline structure, and attendant biasing circuitry. The wedge-shaped metal carriers have a predetermined wedge angle and predetermined cavities. The inside and outside surfaces of the metal carriers and surfaces of the cavity all have cylindrical curvatures. When the trays are assembled together, a cylinder is formed defining a coaxial waveguide opening inside. The antipodal finline structures form input and output arrays. An incident EM wave is passed through the input port and the input waveguide section, distributed by the input antipodal finline array to the active elements, combined again by the output antipodal finlines array, then passed to the output waveguide section and output port. A hermetic sealing scheme, a scheme for improving the power combining efficiency and thermal management scheme are also disclosed. The broadband power combining device operates with multi-octave bandwidth and is easy to manufacture, well-managed thermally, and highly efficient in power combining.

Waveform generator for driving electromechanical device

An electrical waveform generator for driving an electromechanical load includes a digital signal processor connected to a waveform generator component in turn connected to an amplifier section with a filter network, the latter being connected to sensing and conditioning circuit componentry that is in turn connected to analog-to-digital converter circuitry. A digital memory stores digitized voltage and current waveform information. The processor determines a phase difference between voltage and current waveforms, compares the determined phase difference to a phase difference command and generates a phase error or correction signal. The processor also generates an amplitude error signal for inducing the amplifier section to change its output amplitude to result in a predetermined amplitude error level for a respective one of the voltage and current waveforms.
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