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2131 results about "Hermetic seal" patented technology

A hermetic seal is any type of sealing that makes a given object airtight (excludes the passage of air, oxygen, or other gases). The term originally applied to airtight glass containers, but as technology advanced it applied to a larger category of materials, including rubber and plastics. Hermetic seals are essential to the correct and safe functionality of many electronic and healthcare products. Used technically, it is stated in conjunction with a specific test method and conditions of use.

Broadband power combining device using antipodal finline structure

A broadband power combining device includes an input port, an input waveguide section, a center waveguide section formed by stacked wedge-shaped trays, an output waveguide section, and an output port. Each tray is formed of a wedge-shaped metal carrier, an input antipodal finline structure, one or more active elements, an output antipodal finline structure, and attendant biasing circuitry. The wedge-shaped metal carriers have a predetermined wedge angle and predetermined cavities. The inside and outside surfaces of the metal carriers and surfaces of the cavity all have cylindrical curvatures. When the trays are assembled together, a cylinder is formed defining a coaxial waveguide opening inside. The antipodal finline structures form input and output arrays. An incident EM wave is passed through the input port and the input waveguide section, distributed by the input antipodal finline array to the active elements, combined again by the output antipodal finlines array, then passed to the output waveguide section and output port. A hermetic sealing scheme, a scheme for improving the power combining efficiency and thermal management scheme are also disclosed. The broadband power combining device operates with multi-octave bandwidth and is easy to manufacture, well-managed thermally, and highly efficient in power combining.

Container closure with overlying needle penetrable and thermally resealable portion and underlying portion compatible with fat containing liquid product, and related method

InactiveUS20060231519A1Avoiding seal integrity problemGood product containmentCapsLiquid fillingLiquid productFormulary
A container and method are provided for storing fat containing liquid products, such as infant or baby formula, or other milk-based products. The container includes a body defining a storage chamber for receiving the aseptic fat containing liquid product, and a first aperture in fluid communication with the storage chamber. The body does not leach more than a predetermined amount of leachables into the fat containing liquid product and does not undesirably alter a taste profile of the fat containing liquid product. A container closure assembly includes a stopper receivable within the first aperture for hermetically sealing the storage chamber. The stopper includes a first material portion defining an internal surface in fluid communication with the storage chamber forming at least most of the surface area of the container closure that can contact any fat containing liquid product within the storage chamber and that does not leach more than a predetermined amount of leachables into the fat containing liquid product or undesirably alter a taste profile of the fat containing liquid product. A second material portion of the stopper either (i) overlies the first material portion and cannot contact any product within the storage chamber, or (ii) forms a substantially lesser surface area of the container closure that can contact any product within the storage chamber in comparison to the first material portion. The second material portion is needle penetrable for filling the storage chamber with product, and a resulting needle aperture formed in the second material portion is thermally resealable such as by the application of laser energy to seal the product within the storage chamber. A sealing portion of the container closure is engageable with the body prior to needle filling the storage chamber to thereby form a substantially dry hermetic seal between the container closure and body.

Hermetic wafer scale integrated circuit structure

A wafer scale semiconductor integrated circuit packaging technique provides a hermetic seal for the individual integrated circuit die formed as part of the wafer scale structure. A semiconductor wafer is manufactured to include a number of individual semiconductor die. Each individual die formed on the wafer includes a number of bond pads that are exposed on the die surface in various locations to provide electrical connections to the circuitry created on the die. The wafer further includes a planar glass sheet that is substantially the same size as the wafer, the glass sheet being adhered to the wafer using a suitable adhesive. The glass sheet has a number of pre-formed holes in it, the arrangement of the pre-formed holes corresponding to the location of the bond pads at each of the individual semiconductor die formed as part of the wafer structure. Following adherence of the glass sheet to the semiconductor wafer utilizing the intermediate adhesive material, metal connections are made between pads formed on the glass sheet and the bond pads formed on the integrated circuit die. Solder balls are then attached to the pads on the glass sheet to provide a conductive flow between the solder balls and the bond pads. After the solder balls are attached, trenches are cut around each of the individual die on the wafer. The trenches are cut at an angle and extend through the glass sheet and the intermediate adhesive material and into the semiconductor substrate in which the integrated circuits are formed. After the trenches are cut around each individual semiconductor die, a noble metal is deposited on the sidewalls of the trench to extend over the interface between the glass sheet, the adhesive material and the semiconductor die. The wafer is then cut along the noble metal lined trenches to provide individual, hermetically sealed packaged integrated circuit die.
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