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Wound dressing with vacuum reservoir

A wound dressing apparatus includes a wound dressing member dimensioned for positioning relative to a wound bed. The wound dressing member including an internal vacuum reservoir and has a port in communication with the vacuum reservoir for applying subatmospheric pressure to the vacuum reservoir to facilitate removal of fluid from the wound bed. The wound dressing member includes a visual pressure indicator associated therewith for indicating a level of pressure within the vacuum reservoir. The visual pressure indicator includes color indicia having a plurality of colors corresponding to a condition of the pressure within the vacuum reservoir. The wound dressing member includes a lower absorbent member positionable adjacent the wound bed and an upper member which at least partially defines the vacuum reservoir. At least one of the top member and the lower absorbent member has the visual pressure indicator mounted thereto. The preferred visual pressure indicator includes an electronic position sensor. The visual pressure indicator further includes circuit means and visible alarm means. The circuit means is adapted to actuate the visible alarm means when the position sensor detects a relative positioning of the top member of the wound dressing member to provide a visual indication of the condition of the subatmospheric pressure within the vacuum reservoir.
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