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Fabrication method for a thin film semiconductor device, the thin film semiconductor device itself, liquid crystal display, and electronic device

In order to fabricate a high performance thin film semiconductor device using a low temperature process in which it is possible to use low price glass substrates, a thin film semiconductor device has been fabricated by forming a silicon film at less than 450 DEG C., and, after crystallization, keeping the maximum processing temperature at or below 350 DEG C. In applying the present invention to the fabrication of an active matrix liquid crystal display, it is possible to both easily and reliably fabricate a large, high-quality liquid crystal display. Additionally, in applying the present invention to the fabrication of other electronic circuits as well, it is possible to both easily and reliably fabricate high-quality electronic circuits.

Etch method using a dielectric etch chamber with expanded process window

A method for etching a dielectric in a thermally controlled plasma etch chamber with an expanded processing window. The method is adapted to incorporate benefits of a the thermal control and high evacuation capability of the chamber. Etchent gases include hydrocarbons, oxygen and inert gas. Explanation is provided for enablling the use of hexafluoro-1,3-butadiene in a capacitively coupled etch plasma. The method is very useful for creating via, self aligned contacts, dual damascene, and other dielectric etch.
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